Myst E-Liquid Review

From the mind of former Iron Chef America contestant and e-liquid mixing veteran Lincoln Meredith comes to a delicious, well-crafted e-Liquid line created with something for every palate, developed by the hands of a man with culinary know-how unparalleled in the vape industry. You are sure to add these to your rotation after tasting them once.

Bayked: Syrupy, fluffy cheesecake ice cream blended with drizzly chunks of red velvet cake.  This e-liquid is sure to remind you of a bakery and an ice cream shop all in one. A favorite for those who love sweet and delicious dessert tastes. It is quickly becoming a favorite amongst the vaping community as the best cheesecake out there on the market right now.

Cooky: The joy of eating a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and downing it with a glass of milk, bottled into an e-liquid. This flavor will remind you of baking cookies with mom when you were a kid. A nostalgic flavor for anyone to enjoy, especially those of you who love dessert-style e-Liquids.

Rype: Tropical fruit combination of pineapple and strawberry mixed with multiple other fruit flavors from ripe berries to citrus in this complex and delicious e-Liquid. It makes a perfect addition to any fruit lover's rotation and is especially refreshing, reminding you of crisp, fresh fruit that will take you to your personal beach.

Pros: The line was created by a former Iron Chef of America contestant with the customer in mind.

A delicious, well-rounded line of e-Liquids. It’s hard not to get completely wrapped up in these great flavors.

It comes in dark, UV protective glass bottles with a childproof cap and dropper included protecting your vaping experience and your young ones.

The line has gotten praise as one of the best e-Liquids you can buy on the market right now, it’s sophisticated enough to impress seasoned veterans, but it is also a great starting vape for those who are interested in vaping. This line has a little of everything for everyone, to leave them satisfied.

You can tell how much thought and care have gone into this brand by how they package their product and spend extra time carving out the details of each particular mix for the best possible quality of e-Liquid.

Cons: Few flavors to choose from on the website, only five in fact that is in this line.

This e-liquid line is pricey at 23$ for a 30mL glass bottle but well worth the price for such a delicious, delectable treat that is MYST.

30/70 PG/VG ratio which can be harder to vape than average due to its thickness. 

You constantly need to clean your tank out every time you vape such a thick e-Liquid, or else it can clog your vape.

Nicotine strengths only go up to 12mg which is fine for the less experienced vaper but not as appealing to veterans or the nicotine dependency.

Meredith’s flavors are appetizing and tantalizing to the taste buds. Though there are few options for purchase, these shown are sure to please any e-liquid consumer. I would highly recommend trying at least one of these flavors!

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