Nasty Juices E-Liquid Review 2019 + Nasty Nicotine Salt compared

Nasty Juices E-Liquid Review 2019 + Nasty Nicotine Salt compared

Nasty Juice is probably the largest Malaysian ejuice manufacturer. Starting small in the state in Negri Sembilan they’re one of the few that has branched out globally to sell their products to over 72 countries. With Nasty Juice, you can expect consistency in flavor, bold and attractive branding and above all - a commitment to taste. In this article we take a look at their freebase e-liquid line as well as their 2019 Nicotine Salt line. Here are the flavors I will be covering in this eliquid review before ending with my top recommendations right at the bottom:

  1. Broski Berry Nasty Berries Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  2. Stargazing Nasty Berries Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  3. Sicko Blue Nasty Berries Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  4. Hippie Trail Nasty Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  5. Passion Killa Nasty Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  6. Migos Moon Nasty Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  7. Bloody Berry Nasty Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  8. Silver Blend Nasty Tobacco Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  9. Gold Blend Nasty Tobacco Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  10. Bad Blood Nasty 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  11. Wicked Haze Nasty 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  12. ASAP Grape Nasty 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  13. Slow Blow Nasty 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  14. Devil Teeth Nasty 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  15. Mango Banana Nasty Cushman Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  16. Mango Strawberry Nasty Cushman Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  17. Mango Grape Nasty Cushman Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg)
  18. Slow Blow Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)
  19. ASAP Grape Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)
  20. Bad Blood Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)
  21. Trap Queen Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)
  22. Cushman Mango Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

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Nasty Berries Series

For a video review of Nasty Berries line-up, watch it on youtube: 

  1. Nasty Berries Series: Broski Berry Eliquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

On the inhale, the first flavor that hits you is the taste of cherries. I’m not so familiar with the taste of cherries and it’s something that is definitely new to me. But the cherry flavor is not artificial and not overpowering or sweet. The next most obvious flavor is aniseed. The aniseed is similar to the taste you get from white sambuca alcohol which comes from star anise. This combination of cherry and aniseed actually complements each other very well and produces an eliquid that is definitely unique. After a few more puffs, i can appreciate that the cherries also contain some other berries inside - maybe it contains some slight raspberry flavor as well. But I definitely do not taste any strawberry or blueberry. In addition, I do not detect any cooling notes. The flavor is already a cooling flavor but i don’t detect any cooling effect on my throat. Very light and delicate on the inhale and exhale. Not a sweet ejuice at all. Light berries (primarily cherries) with the delicate note of herbs from the aniseed.

Nasty Berries Series: Broski Berry (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

2. Nasty Berries Series: Stargazing Ejuice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Wow - a beautiful and earthy blueberry hit on the first inhale! Definitely reminiscent of blueberry jam or blueberry compote that you find on toast or in a blueberry muffin. Stargazing is definitely a blueberry flavor that is really close to real blueberry jam. However, having a Malaysian tongue, i must admit that I would I would prefer it to be a little bit more sweet. I think a higher level of sweetness will truly bring out the flavour of the blueberry. This stargazing is a more “dry” blueberry flavour and does not cover your entire tongue unlike a blueberry flavour that contains more sweetness which will taste more “wet”. But, this means that you won’t get any sickly sweet leftover taste on your tongue which is a huge benefit! On the plus side, I’ve refilled my tank 3 times and i don’t notice any gunk on my coils that may sometimes come with Malaysian eliquids. On the cooling note, i would say that there is zero cooling effect on my throat.

Nasty Berries Series: Stargazing (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

3. Nasty Berries Series: Sicko Blue Vape Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

This one tastes of mixed berries combined with candy. You can taste the berry notes on the inhale, but it’s not one specific strawberry or raspberry flavor. In fact, this flavor is known as blue raspberry. Blue raspberry is a flavor is commonly used in candies and drinks and is most of the time coloured with a bright blue. You can easily tell by looking at the colour of the candy, sweet or drink - if it’s a bright blue colour, it is most likely flavored with blue raspberry (despite whatever name they use to sell that item). As with Broski Berry and Stargazing, i don’t feel that this eliquid is sweet at all. I think Nasty Juice did a good job in controlling the level of sweetness with this line. Its seems they did it on purpose to make the Nasty Berry Series less sweet. In terms of cooling effect, because the flavor is quite light, they did not add any additional menthol or cooling note to boost the flavor. For me personally, i would add some cooling booster to it to make it more interesting.

3. Nasty Berries Series: Sicko Blue (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Nasty Ballin Series E-Liquid Line:

4. Nasty Ballin: Hippie Trail E-Liquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

You can watch the video to see a review of Hippie Trail where i compare it to Sprite below:


I think that hippie trail definitely is my second favorite in the Nasty Ballin line-up. I just love their way of mixing the citrus fruits together and the lime and lemon combination is great. For me, a great citrus flavor must be well balanced to avoid the smell or taste of cheap air freshener (lol).

Nasty Ballin: Hippie Trail (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

5. Nasty Ballin: Passion Killa E-Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Right off the bat the first flavor to hit your mouth is sweet passionfruit. But this is more of a fizzy, soda type passionfruit taste and not the tangy actual fruit. I would say that the sweetness level is definitely higher than the Nasty Berries Series. Also, there is a very low cooling note to give this flavor an extra kick. But by no means is the cooling note overpowering at all.

Nasty Ballin: Passion Killa (30PG/70VG, 3mg)


6. Nasty Ballin: Migos Moon Vape Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

I love the intense and juicy tart flavor that the sourish orange and lemon blend this gives me. You get some fragrant orange syrup perfume note on the inhale and the exhale is mostly sour lemon. The sweetness level is definitely higher than the Nasty Berries Series. The cooling note on this flavor is a must to give it an extra kick - but again, I dont’ find it overpowering at all.

Nasty Ballin: Migos Moon (30PG/70VG, 3mg)


7. Nasty Ballin: Bloody Berry Ejuice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

My favorite from the Nasty Ballin line-up. The first hit of soda and fizzi-ness is out of this world! It’s amazing how Nasty Juice were able to get that fresh soda taste into this juice. You get a very clean lemonade type flavor at the first hit but you also know that there is something different about this. Nasty says that its a raspberry flavor added into this mix, but i don’t exactly taste raspberry, but instead its kind of a overall mixed berries vibe that isn’t strong. The strong taste for me, is actually the lemon note. If i compare Bloody Berry with Migos Moon, they both have a similar base of sourish lemon, but bloody berry isn’t as sour for sure. Once again, the sweetness level is nicely controlled without being crazy high and the cooling note is also very mild.

Nasty Ballin: Bloody Berry (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Nasty Tobacco Series

8. Nasty Tobacco Series: Silver Blend Vape Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Hmmm im confused with this one. I can taste a type of tobacco but the tobacco has a taste of something extra with it. The description says that is it vanilla custard but this is not what i taste. I taste more of a sweet cream taste. But the tobacco is not a type of tobacco which i like. It reminds me too much of smoking actual cigarettes!

Nasty Tobacco Series: Silver Blend (30PG/70VG, 3mg)


9. Nasty Tobacco Series: Gold Blend Eliquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

This is a very unique tobacco flavor for sure. More towards a heavy cigar. Though im not that familiar with the taste of cigars, i actually don’t mind this tobacco blend. It’s a very nutty type of tobacco with a pleasant smoky flavor that agrees with me, unlike the Silver Blend. Mild and sweet and a little bit creamy.

Nasty Tobacco Series: Gold Blend (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Nasty Fruity Series 60ml

10. Bad Blood Fruit Eliquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Definitely feel the taste of blackcurrant gummy candy. The sweetness level is not high as Nasty Ballin and not as low as Nasty Berries. Its right in the middle. Cooling level is very low and you can feel that there is some cooling notes present in your throat.

Bad Blood (30PG/70VG, 3mg)


11. Wicked Haze E-Liquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Wow - love this lemonade. Great balanced mix of sweet and sour. Nice cooling note on the throat. The lemonade flavor is fizzy and bubbles across the tongue. The blackcurrant for me it’s not so obvious, almost non-existent. I don’t taste any blackcurrants.

Wicked Haze (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

12. ASAP Grape E-Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Black grape mix. Reminds me of grape cordial or black grape packet drinks. Intense grape taste that isn’t sweet and overpowering. This grape mix has a very low cooling note and it’s fizzy and bubbly in your mouth.

ASAP Grape (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

13. Slow Blow E-Liquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Truly amazing! At first, i thought it had a similar lemonade taste to wicked haze..but after a few more puffs, i taste more of a lime fizzy drink and clearly it’s not lemon - its lime! The pineapple notes here are very gentle. If they did not tell me it was pineapple, it will be difficult for me to identify it. But after more puffs, i realize that the pineapple is the key ingredient that makes this different and lifts up the lime flavor and keeps this flavor tasting fresh and unique. For me, a light and fresh flavor is the easiest flavor to vape for a long vape session without getting bored.

Slow Blow (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

14. Devil Teeth Vape Liquid Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

A honeydew flavor. Smooth honeydew, not sweet (thankfully). Very gentle cooling note is present. Taste a little bit between honeydew fruit and gummy fruity candy. I vaped this for an hour and didn’t feel that sickly sweet aftertaste in my mouth which is excellent. I really love how Nasty Juice controls their sweetness level in their series.

Devil Teeth (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Nasty Cushman E-Juice Series

First of all, the Cushman Series has the same level of sweetness as the Nasty Ballin Series. I think they’re made for summer weather where people don’t mind something sweet and for people who love mango. In comparison, the Nasty Berry Series and Nasty 60ml Series is definitely less sweet. In terms of cooling notes, the Nasty Cushman series have a very low and slight cooling note on the exhale.

15. Mango Banana E-Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

On the first puff, i get the aroma of banana circulating through my mouth and nose. Then, i get hit with the taste of really ripe and luscious mango flavor. The banana is ever so slightly creamy and quite fragrant and complements the mango very well. The banana here is more for the aroma and it does not make this eliquid creamy. Unlike a banana smoothie type flavor where you get lots of creaminess from the banana, in this instance, it’s much more aromatic.

Mango Banana (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

16. Mango Strawberry Vape Juice Review (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

I find that the strawberry notes are just not there. I feel like im vaping a ripe and sweetish mango flavor with very little strawberry. The mix of strawberry in this formula kind of nullifies the mango and also the strawberry. It just becomes another unidentifiable fruity mix.

Mango Strawberry (30PG/70VG, 3mg)


17. Mango Grape (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

I have vaped almost half a bottle of this Mango Grape. I really did not feel that i would like this. I simply cannot imagine what grapes and mango would taste like as this not a ‘natural’ fruit combination for me. But i am surprised because i can somehow taste both flavors quite clearly. First hit gives you a candy like grape flavor and then the exhale you get the ripe and aromatic mango. I think this juice is maybe 70% grape with 30% mango.

Mango Grape (30PG/70VG, 3mg)

Nasty Salt Reborn - Nicotine Salts Review

Now we take a look at the new Nasty Salt Reborn available in 10ml sizes with 50PG/50VG blend at 35mg. This 10ml variant is widely available in the Malaysian vaping market and is much preferred over the 30ml variant. The 10ml serving size is extremely popular in Malaysia due to the lower price and the ‘quick to finish’ serving size which lets vapers try a variety of salt nicotine flavors without committing to the larger 30ml size that is more commonly found in other vaping countries.

I'm testing these on the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod device which uses cartridges of 1.3 ohm firing at 3-4.2 volts. But remember, depending on the pod device you use, the nicotine salt can taste remarkably different in terms of intensity.

18. Slow Blow Nicotine Salt Review (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

I'm extremely familiar with the pineapple and lime soda taste of the freebase version of Slow Blow and I’m really looking forward to this salt nic version! Lets see what it tastes like. YES! It’s a like for like comparison! YES! Love this! Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! The taste of Slow Blow does not get old. No wonder it has won some awards from Vapouround Magazine. Also, i feel that this has zero cooling notes compared to the freebase version.

Slow Blow Nicotine Salts

19. Asap Grape Nicotine Salt Review (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

Sweet black grapes with zero cooling notes. I think all their salt nic’s are purposely zero cooling unlike their freebase line which has a very low and slight cooling note. I’m getting some nice vapor production on this Mipod device and the taste of sweet black grapes is easily identifiable on this device.

Asap Grape Nicotine Salt

20. Bad Blood Nicotine Salt Review (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

Once again, i praise Nasty Juice for being able to replicate the freebase version of this juice. The blackcurrant gummy candy taste is great and smooth as expected. Just like the freebase version, im 100% satisfied with this. I just adore the gummy feel you get with this juice and it adds some dimension to an otherwise plain blackcurrant flavor. Am happy that the salt nic version manages to replicate that as well!

Bad Blood Nicotine Salt

21. Trap Queen Nicotine Salt Review (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

On first puff i definitely smell the aroma of strawberries enveloping my nostrils. Im enjoying the taste of this is as its mildly sweet with good intense strawberry flavor. Really fruity and fleshy sweet strawberries.

Trap Queen Nicotine Salt

22. Cushman Mango Nicotine Salt Review (50PG/50VG, 35mg)

This tastes very similar to the mango found in their Cushman series. It’s a familiar ripe sweet mango flavor that’s clear and concise. As much as i like mango, i do find this mango to be ‘run-off-the-mill’ and a little boring for my tastes. I much prefer the taste of sour mangoes or a mixed fruit mango flavor.

Cushman Mango Nicotine Salt


Summary of Nasty Juices E-Liquid and Nicotine Salts Reviews

That sums up the collection of freebase eliquids and nicotine salts from Nasty Juice! I would say that combined with killer looks and high quality flavors, it’s no wonder Nasty Juice has managed to sell to over 72 countries. As for my recommendations and notable characteristics, you can see the list below. As they have too many to choose from, I shall choose the top 5 flavors in their freebase line up and top 3 from their nicotine salt line-up. I have ordered the list from most favourite to least favourite. You can buy these eliquids and nicotine salts at most vape stores. Click here to find a vape shop near you.


Most Favourite to Least Favourite


Sweetness and Cooling Level

Easily identifiable flavors?

Key characteristic


Stargazing (blueberry)

Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Highly recommend. Simple fresh blueberries that isn’t sweet but highly aromatic.


Slow Blow (pineapple lime soda)

Low Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Very unique taste of pineapple and lime soda with an added fizz that makes this stand out!


Sicko Blue (blue raspberry)

Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Smashing taste of candy-like blue raspberry. Love it so much.


ASAP Grape (grape soda)

Low Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Juicy grape soda that bubbles and fizzes on my tongue. Thoroughly enjoyable and addictive.


Hippie Trail (lime soda)

Medium Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Tastes like sprite with added zing from the lime.


Top 3 Nicotine Salt flavors by Nasty Juice ranked in order of most favourite to least favourite:


Most Favourite to Least Favourite


Sweetness and Cooling Level

Easily identifiable flavors?

Key characteristic


Slow Blow (pineapple lime soda)

Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Amazing replication of the freebase version. The pineapple and lemonade comes through nicely although not as juicy.


ASAP Grape (grape soda)

Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Simple and intense grape flavor  are one of my fav’s and this shines.


Bad Blood (blackcurrant gummies)

Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling


Blackcurrant gummy flavor is so addictive. The gummy flavor makes this special for me.

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