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Welcome to our Online Vape Shop Maidstone Kent Page where you can buy Premium E-Liquid Brands

Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, Online Vape Shop Kent Page. Here you can buy many gourmet e-liquid brands from the UK and USA. As a leading vape shop in Maidstone, Kent, our focus is on gourmet e-liquid brands. Most of our e-liquids have a comparatively high VG content, which makes it especially suitable for Sub Ohmers, Dripping and more advanced vapers who appreciate gourmet e-liquid. Whilst we stock popular flavours, we are more interested in going out of our way and adding new and exciting e-liquid brands that have not necessarily reached the same popularity as more mainstream brands. This is not to say that the e-liquid is somewhat inferior to popular e-juice brands that everyone has heard about. In fact, most of our e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches by artisan mixologists and vapers who are looking to add new and refreshing flavours to the vape market. Before adding an e-liquid brand to our store, we conduct a very rigorous vetting process whereby we ensure that all prospective e-liquid brands are compliant with domestic and international laws and regulations. We carefully scrutinise each data sheet and certificate to ensure that the e-liquid is safe for consumption. By ensuring this transparency, we have gained trust and loyalty of our vaping community and are proud of our international client base. Once an e-liquid has ticked all of our boxes and passed muster, only then do we add it to our online vape shop. Be sure to check our online vape store on a regular basis as we are constantly handpicking and adding new e-liquid brands. If you know of an e-liquid brand that you cannot see at our online vape shop Maidstone Kent page, please get in touch and we will consider stocking it.

Some Tips on Choosing your Perfect E-Liquid

Choosing the right e-liquid for you may be a difficult process. However, with a few tips, selecting your perfect e-liquid has never been easier. Firstly, think about at what stage you are in vaping. Are you a Sub Ohmer, Dripper, Cloud Chaser, Sub Tank user or a novice vaper? Equally, try to think about your objectives of vaping. Are you looking to quit smoking or rather is vaping your hobby? Once you have answered these questions, here comes the next bit. If vaping is your hobby and you enjoy dripping and cloud chasing or simply large vapour production, you should be aiming at e-liquid with higher VG content and lower or zero nicotine strength. Advanced vaping devices such as mechanical MODs and Sub Tanks use coils that heat the e-liquid to a very high temperature. This is the reason why more advanced devices are used for large vapour production. With large clouds, comes a greater mouth to lung nicotine and flavour hit. You would not want to be doing this at a high nicotine strength as it is just going to be unpleasant. It is fair to say that most advanced vapers opt for 0mg, 1.5mg and 3mg nicotine strengths. If you are using a more basic vapouriser such as a starter kit with a basic clearomiser that you have gotten from a convenience store or a supermarket, you should be going for higher PG content. The reason for this is because VG or vegetable glycerine is a very viscous substance and can clog your wick. PG is more runny and is ideal for more basic devices. Usually, you should be aiming for a 30VG and 70PG content, give or take.

Choosing the perfect e-liquid flavour that works for you is one of the most challenging tasks. There are literally thousands of great e-liquid flavours on the market. However, how do you choose the one that is perfect for you? Well, it is quite straightforward. Before thinking about an e-liquid flavour, have a think about the flavours that you enjoy in food or drink. This will assist you in choosing your e-liquid flavour. For example, if you like peanut butter than you will not go wrong with a peanut butter flavoured e-liquid. On the contrary, if you do not like strawberries by way of an example, the odds are, you will not enjoy a strawberry vape. Whilst most e-liquid brands will have a certain flavour profile with a dominant flavour, there will also be niche flavours in the e-liquid mix that really build the e-liquid flavour for what it is. Remember that e-liquid companies and manufacturers use a wide assortment of e-liquid flavourings and base ingredients from different manufacturers. If you were to try a peanut butter flavour from a UK e-juice company, you may find that it has a different flavour profile to say a US peanut butter flavour. Typically, e-liquid manufacturers tend to source e-liquid flavourings and base ingredients domestically simply because it is cheaper as importing flavourings and base ingredients such as VG, PG and nicotine from abroad may be prohibitively expensive and would not allow an e-liquid company to remain competitive. Choosing your perfect flavour will never be plain sailing, you will have to get through many bottles of e-liquid before you find your ideal flavour as it is mostly a trial and error exercise. To reduce costs, it is a sensible idea to watch a YouTube review on an e-liquid brand that you are thinking of buying to see what vape reviewers have to say about it. And remember, your e-liquid preferences may change on a weekly or even daily basis. You may find that vaping one flavour constantly may becoming a little boring and you may want to experiment with some new flavours to break the mould before you come back to your preferred e-liquid flavour.

Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer

At The Eliquid Boutique, we manufacture a range of gourmet e-liquid brands right here in the UK. Our brands range from the daring and seductive MY JUICY AFFAIR to more sophisticated and glamorous E-LUXE LONDON and SQUARE 47. All of our e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches to the highest standards of quality and compliance with local and international laws and standards. We source all of our base ingredients including flavourings, VG, PG and nicotine from within the UK. This helps us to ensure full traceability of our ingredients and ensure the highest levels of safety. We test our e-liquid for harmful chemicals and exhibit our datasheets and reports for your scrutiny. Our special steeping process helps to mature and refine our flavours to bring you an enjoyable and, in vaping parlance, a vapegasmic vape. Our guiding principle is to make uniquely different flavours like no other on the market. Before we make our e-liquid available for sale, we ensure that it cuts the muster of our sophisticated mixologists’ flavour palettes. Our e-liquid is focused on more advanced vapers such as drippers and Sub Ohmers who enjoy large vape clouds. Most of our e-liquid is relatively high in vegetable glycerine (VG) to ensure large plumes of cloud. You can purchase e-liquid at our online vape shop Maidstone Kent page.

Gourmet E-Liquid Wholesaler

At The Eliquid Boutique, we are constantly supplying vape shops, both brick-and-mortar as well as online, with premium e-liquid brands at very competitive prices. If you own a vape shop in your area and would like to treat your customers to some great flavours, get in touch. We do not have minimum order quantities as such since we want to make our e-liquid accessible to as many vape shops and vape-related businesses as possible. We ship e-liquid around the globe including countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, France, Ireland and many other. It is important that you are familiar with your local laws regarding vaping before you place an order. We disclaim all liability once we have dispatched the goods and whatever happens to e-liquid once it has left our hands is solely your responsibility. We encourage you to read our terms and conditions governing wholesale e-liquid orders.

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