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Welcome to our Online Vape Shop Oxford UK Page! Here, you can buy premium e-liquid brands online with fast and reliable shipping. At The Eliquid Boutique, we stock an exciting array of premium e-liquid brands from the UK and USA. We specialise in higher-VG e-liquid, which is especially suitable for Sub Ohmers, Cloud Chasers, Drippers and Connoisseur Vapers. Whilst we try to carry as many popular e-liquid brands, our focus is on new and sometimes less known e-liquid brands. We are sure that most vapers are gradually getting tired of mainstream brands and are on the lookout for new and refreshing electronic cigarette liquid flavours. We are constantly handpicking and adding new e-liquid brands and flavours to our Online Vape Shop Oxford UK page, so make sure you check out our shop regularly. From our experience, there is nothing as dull as walking into your local vape shop and finding the same e-liquid brands that have been sitting on the shelves for the past month. At The Eliquid Boutique, we are constantly surprising our loyal customers with regular addition of new e-liquid brands and flavours to our online vape shop. Most of the e-liquid at our online vape shop is handcrafted in small batches by vaping enthusiasts who are constantly surprising us with their amazing flavours.

How to Choose your E-Cigarette Liquid at our Online Vape Shop Oxford UK?

It is well known to every vaper that e-liquids come in gazzilions of flavour combinations. This choice is great but at the same time, it makes life more difficult for everyone, especially when it comes to actually choosing and buying your e-liquid. It is important to begin with the premise that flavour is inherently subjective and that there is no e-liquid that is universally the “best”. Instead, your e-liquid choice will hinge on your personal preferences and flavour palette. Try to think about flavours that you enjoy in your favourite drink, dish or dessert. If you like cereal, then it is a wise option to try cereal flavoured e-liquid. If, on the other hand, you do not like yoghurt, then there is no point in you trying yoghurt e-liquid. At our Online Vape Shop Oxford, you can click on each flavour to read the description which provides further information about the e-liquid brand and flavours. You should bear in mind that whilst an e-liquid may be marketed as “yoghurt” for example, it does not necessarily mean that the entire flavour will be just yoghurt. In fact, there seems to be a trend in the vape market towards certain flavours. In the UK, we are quite hot about our custard whilst in the United States, cereal and milky e-liquid flavours tend to dominate the American palette. As you will have probably guessed, no single flavour will ever be the same. A lot of e-liquid actually contains “minority” flavours in addition to the dominant flavour. The minority flavours come in smaller proportions and can form as much as 5% of the e-liquid with the other 95% being the dominant flavour or in our case yoghurt. This means that when choosing your e-liquid, you should try to gather as much information about the flavour profiles as possible. Some companies will give you a precise breakdown of their flavours, whilst others will be more nebulous in order to safeguard their recipe from being divulged to the general public – at the end of the day, it gives an e-liquid an edge over the competition. If you cannot find a comprehensive flavour list of an e-liquid, you can watch e-liquid reviews on YouTube. E-Liquid Reviewers are generally very experienced and manage to pick up most of the flavours. Watching an e-liquid review is a great way of making an informed decision on whether to buy a particular e-liquid and more importantly, whether you will enjoy vaping it. Vic from Vaping with Vic is a great e-liquid reviewer from Scotland who is also very fun to watch.

Choosing your PG to VG Ratio

As most of us already know e-liquid comes in different VG and PG proportions. At our online vape shop UK, we specialise in higher VG premium e-liquids that are most suitable for advanced vapers using sophisticated e-cigarettes. VG e-liquid is an ingredient in e-liquid that produces large vapour. Whilst PG or propylene glycol is a flavour carrier that gives e-liquid its taste and a throat hit. Most of premium e-liquid brands come in either 50VG to 50PG, 60VG to 40PG, 70VG to 30PG or 100% VG. When choosing your VG ratio, it is important to take a look at your device and make a decision whether it is suitable for a chosen VG to PG ratio. If you are an advanced vaper, you will probably know very well what VG level you want to go for. If you are a beginner who is using a basic starter kit, it is advisable that you opt for PG heavy e-liquid since VG can clog up the wick of your e-cigarette and render it unusable.

Choosing your Nicotine Strength

This is a very personal decision and we cannot advise you on it as such. You should research the properties of nicotine and consult your doctor before deciding on your nicotine strength. E-Liquid comes in varying nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. You will find that most of e-liquid at our online vape shop comes in lower or even zero nicotine strengths. A reason for this is because advanced vapers, cloud chasers, drippers, sub ohmers and users of advanced mechanical mods or sub tanks know that coils in advanced e-cigarettes heat up e-liquid at much higher temperatures than basic starter kits. This increases the intensity of the mouth to lung hit as well as nicotine intake. Cloud Chasing with a high nicotine strength will probably leaving you coughing and with a burning throat hit. 3mg e-liquid is currently the best seller at our online vape shop with 0mg closely behind it.

We also make Our E-Liquid in the UK

Our UK e-liquid brands range from the sweet and playful MY JUICY AFFAIR to sophisticated and modern E-LUXE LONDON and SQUARE 47. We have set out to make our own e-liquid because we have invented some vapegasmic flavours and once our friends started vaping them, we thought – “why not share this with our Vape Family?”. All of our e-liquid brands are skilfully handcrafted in small batches to the highest quality of compliance and safety. We use several common e-liquid steeping methods to unlock the flavours and guarantee an enjoyable and unique vape. We source our base ingredients, including VG, PG and nicotine from within the UK and the United States. We use a range of different flavourings from different manufacturers to ensure complex and rich flavours. Every bottle of our e-liquid is identifiable with a unique batch reference number, which helps us to ensure full traceability of ingredients and provide our loyal customers with the level of quality and transparency that they expect of their trusted online vape shop in the UK.

How would you like to earn yourself some FREE E-Liquid?

Next time you go to your local vape shop, check whether they stock E-LUXE LONDON, MY JUICY AFFAIR and SQUARE 47. If they do not, provided that you like our e-liquid, recommend us to your local vape shop near you. If your vape shop decides to stock our e-liquid brands, we will send you some free flavours for you to enjoy! We are constantly increasing our list of vape shops that we supply with our premium e-liquid brands and are presently dealing with vape shops in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland and other countries.

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