Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California

USA's Leading Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California

Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, premium e-liquid wholesale in California. Over the past two years, we have developed an innovative and truly revolutionary online premium e-liquid wholesale platform that brings all the hottest and latest e-juice brands in one place. This premium e-liquid wholesale platform provides turnkey solutions for thousands of vape shops around the world.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California: How We Operate

Simply browse all brands on our website and add them to your cart. Once you have added all your e-liquid lines to your cart, you can check out. That’s it. It is as easy as that. Please note that we ship every e-juice line directly from its manufacturer. This means that different e-juice brands have different MOQ’s, prices and conditions. All of this is only natural and we cannot expect every e-juice company to be the same. Once you have placed your order with us, we will place an order with the respective e-juice companies. Bear in mind that we are going to be placing orders for thousands of vape shops, which means that we will achieve vast economies of scale that will reduce the prices enormously. This is actually what makes us the most competitive Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California.




An Overview of Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California

As almost every vaper will know, California is the home of a vast majority of leading made in the USA gourmet or craft e-liquid brands. It is difficult to attribute a percentage but it would not be surprising if 80 percent of the leading craft e-liquid brands are made in California. Furthermore, there are new brands coming out in California and around the USA on a daily basis. However, there is an inherent problem- small craft e-juice makers struggle to market their craft e-juices on a large scale whilst vape shops do not notice small craft e-juice companies. At The Eliquid Boutique we have addressed this problem by bringing together all (or next to all) craft Californian e-juice brands and our formidable network of thousands of vape shops across the world. This global and cutting-edge e-juice wholesale platform allows vape shops and wholesale e-juice distributors to connect on a level never seen before in the vaping industry.

Why The Eliquid Boutique is the Leading Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier in California

Hundreds of Craft E-Liquid Lines: A One-Stop-Shop

At The Eliquid Boutique we bring all the latest and favourite premium USA made e-juice lines in a single place. Vape shops and our wholesale customers can browse e-liquid lines, read reviews and decide on what to buy. Before vape shops have heard of us, they told us that they would simply buy the most popular e-liquid brands since they were guaranteed to sell. This made sense from the perspective of vape shops. However, just imagine how their customers felt- same e-liquid lines day in and day out! Our team at The Eliquid Boutique is very passionate about vaping and to this end, it is keeping abreast with the latest e-juices and vaping devices on the market, all of which, we try our best to accommodate on The Eliquid Boutique premium e-juice wholesale platform.

Premium USA E-Liquid at Not So “Premium” Prices

Our purchasing power allows us to achieve significant discounts, which we in turn pass on to our customers. This actually makes it incredibly cheaper to buy premium e-liquid at wholesale from The Eliquid Boutique rather than going to individual e-juice companies independently. Since we buy thousands of e-juice bottles from almost every e-juice brand, we are able to offer vape shops very competitive prices, which they would not otherwise be able to achieve themselves.

Low E-Juice Bottle MOQs

Typically, whenever a vape shop buys e-liquid from an e-juice company, it is almost invariably faced with relatively large MOQs. This makes it very difficult for most vape shops to carry multiple e-liquid lines. For customers, this translates into lesser choice, which has a knock on effect on their loyalty, the frequency of their visits to the vape shop and their spending patterns. At The Eliquid Boutique we have pre-empted this problem by allowing vape shops to carry many e-juice lines. Given that we buy e-liquid in large quantities for many vape shops, we automatically meet and surpass the e-liquid bottle MOQ. For vape shops, this means lower prices, greater e-juice variety and more importantly, happy customers!

Freshly-Made E-Juice

Unlike most premium e-liquid wholesalers in California, we do not actually hold any physical stock. This means that every time you are ordering e-liquid from us, it is always freshly made to order. This way, you do not have to worry about buying old stock or e-liquid that has been around for a long time inside a musty and damp warehouse. Whilst the e-liquid is in transit, it should have ample time to undergo various steeping techniques- it will get knocked about whilst in the plane and then get knocked about when it is in a van on its way to you. This should do the trick, but we also advise our customers to seethe their e-liquid to let it breathe a little. 

Save Time on Shopping for E-Juice

Looking out for new premium e-juice lines can be an extremely cumbersome and time-consuming exercise. Today, our most imminent news channel seems to be Instagram, where we are seeing new e-juice brands pop up on a daily basis. However, running a vape shop is an extremely intensive exercise alone. Our unique business model has saved a vape shop an average of 15 hours a month on researching and trying out new e-liquid brands. Vape shops know that we are not going to stock garbage and as such, they put trust in our decisions on what e-juices to list on The Eliquid Boutique. This therefore allows vape shops to come to our store and see the latest e-juice brands in one place.

Valuable Insights into the Californian E-Juice and Vaping Markets

At The Eliquid Boutique, we like to see ourselves more than simply a premium e-liquid wholesale in California. In fact, our intelligent premium e-juice wholesale business model allows us to add value to vape shops every step of the way. On a regular basis, we send our customers stats about the performance of individual e-juice brands, flavour profiles and more. These valuable insights allow vape shops to plan their e-juice purchases strategically. For example, if we have identified that hypothetically speaking, strawberry doughnut e-juice sold the most in the last month, then vape shops would be inclined to explore different e-juice profiles to present some new e-juice flavours to their customers. A month later, they can bring more strawberry doughnut e-juice back. Many vape shops have reported that these analytics into the vape market in California have helped them to plan their e-juice portfolio successfully, which resulted in improved customer feedback, more regular visits to vape shops and more frequent purchases by vapers. All of this helped to boost the profitability of many vape shops in California.

E-Juice Comparison Website

Most of us are used to car and insurance comparison websites. Well, some of our clients have labelled The Eliquid Boutique as “a greater place to compare different premium e-juice brands by flavour profile, prices, reviews and performance”. This has effectively made vape shops more savvy as they take more metrics into consideration before buying e-juice lines.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California- Customer Reviews

“Before I came across The Eliquid Boutique, I would simply order all e-juices directly from vape companies and e-juice manufacturers. This was not so much of a problem when I was just starting up. However, as my vape shop expanded, I simply had to carry an extensive and regularly updated e-liquid line. However, as my business expanded, I simply did not have enough time to devote to purchasing e-liquids. This is where my business suffered. I was not really bothered to go out of my way and find new e-liquid brands. This really upset the customers and they started to lose interest in my vape shop. When I started working with The Eliquid Boutique, everything changed for good. I was now able to buy all the best handcrafted Californian and foreign e-juice brands with a click of a button in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the e-liquid bottle MOQs were so small that I could afford to take on twenty or so new brands. Now this was a real game changer for me. This change reignited the interest of my customers as they started to visit my vape shop more often. A lot of them were very passionate vapers who would drop in at lunch time or after work to get some new e-juice. After about three months, my customer base grew by about 19%, my earnings rocketed by 450% and the atmosphere at the vape shop improved quite radically. I am extremely grateful to The Eliquid Boutique for operating such an amazing Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California” – Mark, Vaped Out LLC

“The Eliquid Boutique is simply much more than a place for Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California. In my eyes, it is an intelligent business model that creates value at every single stage. For example, I find the e-juice market stats and insights to be one of the most important features. Many people do not actually pay enough attention to these stats or simply overlook them and do not apply them to their business strategy. Marketing data costs millions of dollars and to have such thorough data on the e-juice market is a massive bonus. I use these e-liquid stats to inform my e-juice portfolio. The price I get on the e-juices is very competitive and it certainly leaves a good profit margin. The customer service at The Eliquid Boutique has been second to none. The team is always working around the clock and I get instant replies to my question. I am very glad to be doing business with The Eliquid Boutique and I would certainly recommend it to anyone!” – Paul, Beverly Hills Vape Store

“One reason why I think The Eliquid Boutique is simply the best Premium E-Liquid Wholesale in California is because it is well rounded. There are many other e-juice wholesalers. However, they tend to lack in many areas, which simply makes them an unattractive proposition. The Eliquid Boutique is literally the real deal / complete package. I am especially impressed by their professionalism, excellent customer care and constant e-liquid updates and responsiveness to the vape market in California and further afield”. - Anna, Cali Vape Bear LLC

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