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Welcome to our e-liquid wholesalers Russia page! If you have an English e-liquid brand and would like to see it stocked by many vape shops in Russia, we can certainly help. As many e-liquid brand owners will tell you, getting your brand into Russia can indeed be a very costly, complex and sometimes litigious process. With our e-liquid wholesalers Russia service, we will relieve you of the difficulties through our Russian contacts and know-how. 

The Largest Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier in Russia

The Eliquid Boutique is a leading supplier of premium e-liquid brands from California, USA and UK in Russia and CIS. During our existence, we have forged a highly successful network of all vape shops in Russia. On a weekly basis, we supply our network of Vape Shops in Moscow, St Petersburg and other cities in Russia. During 2014-2015, we have supplied Russian vape shops with over 5 million premium e-liquid bottles from over a hundred luxury e-liquid brands. A total of 80% of vape shops that we serve have reported that our seamless and revolutionary premium USA e-liquid wholesale platform has helped vape shops to save an average of 6 hours a week and roughly £500 per e-liquid order.


An Overview of the Russian Vaping Market

Vaping in Russia has taken off at a much slower pace than it has in the United States and the West. However, since 2012, vaping in Russia has grown at an exponential rate and the demand for Californian e-liquid continues to outgrow supply. The Eliquid Boutique has successfully addressed this demand by establishing a seamless e-liquid network in Russia that has the ability to serve Russian vape shops with premium e-liquid brands continuously and without any problems. Many e-liquid companies continue to struggle of getting their e-liquid into Russia, mainly due to the cultural, linguistic and legal challenges that are presented by the Russian vaping market. With a strong team in Russia, you needn’t worry about these challenges as we will take care of everything.

Why We are The Leading Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier in Russia

An Established Network of Vape Shops in Russia

Our network of vape shops in Russia allows us to sell Californian and USA e-liquid with relative ease. Our network of Russian vape shops allows us to take a targeted approach and sell directly to all vape shops without the need to approach each vape shop individually. We do not simply send out introductory newsletters to vape shops in Russia. Our team has attended numerous vape exhibitions in Moscow, France, UK, USA and other parts of the world. At these events, we have met the vape shop owners and decision makers themselves. These contacts give us a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to selling premium e-liquid brands. Not many premium e-liquid wholesale suppliers in Russia can say the same. 

Premium E-Liquid at a Low Price

As we serve hundreds of vape shops in Russia, we are in an optimal position to offer some of the most competitive wholesale prices for top premium e-liquid brands through our purchasing power. This means that vape shops are incentivised to buy directly from us since they know that they will receive a lower price than if they are to buy from premium e-liquid companies in California directly for example. Moreover, our internal contacts help us to receive and distribute e-liquids in the most efficient manner. Our online wholesale platform for premium e-liquid brands also allows Russian vape shops to view and compare different brands by price. This in effect allows vape shops to build a mixed e-liquid portfolio.

Trusted Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier in Russia

Through our regular dealings with vape shops in Russia, we have forged very positive relationships with every single vape shop. Due to this relationship, vape shops in Russia are more readily prepared to buy premium e-juice from us because they simply know that there is a lower risk of things going wrong. Many vape shops will have dealt with us in the past and will be reluctant to deal with anyone else.

The Latest & Hottest Premium E-Liquids from California, USA and UK in One Place

Our seamless and innovative business model makes us the leading Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Supplier in Russia. We have become a trusted one-stop-shop for all vape shops. At The Eliquid Boutique, Russian vape shops are able to browse through hundreds of leading luxury e-liquid brands from California, parts of USA and UK. Once a vape shop wants to place an order with us, they simply add all the e-liquids on our premium e-liquid wholesale platform to their baskets and checkout. This makes the wholesale purchasing process a lot easier and significantly cheaper than the vape shops buying their -liquid individually from every single premium e-liquid brand in California and further afield. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new e-liquid brands. Once we find prospective premium e-liquid brands, we put them to our internal stress test to maintain our high standards that our customers expect from us. Moreover, by having fresh e-liquid brands on our online e-liquid wholesale platform, we are able to offer vape shops something fresh every time. One of our customers has dubbed The Eliquid Boutique as a “vape magazine that has something new and interesting each time”, which very accurately captures our modus operandi.


Knowledge, Contacts and Infrastructure

Our independent delivery channel helps us to ensure that all goods are delivered to Russia and Eastern Europe on time and without any problems. With staff on the ground in Moscow and other Russian cities, we are able to distribute e-liquid very easily and promptly. We have already built up many contacts with most vape shops, both online and brick-and-mortar, which puts us in an optimal position to supply English e-liquid in Russia at wholesale prices.





A Premium E-Liquid Comparison Site

Some of our clients have nicknamed The Eliquid Boutique as a comparison website for premium USA made e-liquids. This statement certainly holds true because through our innovative business model, we bring all the premium USA e-liquid brands and group them together by categories. This effectively allows a vape shops to compare different luxury e-liquid brands by flavour profiles, VG to PG ratio, nicotine content, bottle size and price. Vape Shops have reported that this allows them to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Your Premium E-Liquid on the Shelves of Vape Shops in Russia

As you may already know, Russia can indeed be a difficult and perplexing market to navigate. At E-liquid Boutique, some of our staff actually come from Russia and Eastern Europe. This knowledge of the nuances of the Russian vape market allows us to deliver seamless solutions to many UK and international e-liquid brands that are looking to enter Russia.

How to Start Selling Your Premium E-Liquid Brand at The Eliquid Boutique NOW

As mentioned above, we are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting premium e-liquid brands from California, USA, UK and elsewhere. Generally, we have no trouble of adding an e-liquid brand to our collection. However, we do operate a very strict stress test to ensure that we carry only the highest quality e-liquids. However, once we add your e-liquid brands to The Eliquid Boutique Online Premium E-Liquid Wholesale platform, you can expect to see enormous results. Your premium e-liquid brands will gain a lot of views from prospective buyers, you will be the talk of the vape market in Russia and you will most definitely receive massive orders for your e-liquid. 


Some Things We Look For in A Premium E-Juice Brand

Low Prices - Premium E-Juice at a Less Premium Price Tag

Being a premium e-liquid brand is great. However, if we and vape shops in Russia cannot generate a good return on your e-liquids, this is going to make your brand fall amongst the ranks of other e-liquids. Many vape shops in Russia have told us specifically that price is one of the biggest considerations that impacts on their purchasing decisions. You will no doubt agree that with so many brilliant premium e-liquid brands from California and elsewhere, the e-liquid bar is certainly being raised much higher. Therefore, price is one factor that can really make or break your entry into Russia. With hundreds of leading premium e-juice brands on our wholesale platform, Russian vape shops are able to sort e-liquid brands by price. This is more of a reason to think carefully about your pricing strategy. With the volatility of Russian ruble, it is also very important to make sure that your e-liquid brand sits competitively.

Excellent Presentation - Just what Makes your E-Juice "Premium"

This goes without a saying. However, we have seen premium e-liquid brands that have not performed as well as we expected them to simply because the presentation aspect was lacking. If you do not have a professional graphics and design team, do consider outsourcing your artwork to a professional. There are many micro job sites that will help you with that. 

E-Liquid Testing and Compliance - Safe E-Juice

For many e-liquid brands it is all great until it comes to compliance. Since e-liquid is a consumable, we place very important emphasis on e-liquid testing to guarantee the safety of our customers.

How it All Works

Once you have contacted us, we will assess your brand to see whether it will sell in vape shops in Russia. If we are happy with your brand, we will contact you to discuss your wholesale e-liquid prices. Following on from that, we will request marketing materials from you to exhibit your brand on our website and equally, send you our information for you to put up on your website. We will then place a wholesale order with you and get your e-liquid into Russia. Our orders will depend on the amount of interest that your e-liquid brand and flavours will generate in Russia. To put it simply, if your e-liquid is great and sells well, we will come back to you to place larger orders. Is there anything you can do to help? Certainly. A larger secret of selling in Russia is good marketing. Please note that whilst marketing of e-liquid and vape products may be severely limited in the UK and European Union as a result of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the EU TPD does not apply to Russia. Therefore, we can put together a social media and website marketing plan for your e-liquid brand in Russia to boost your sales. We will then publish your marketing materials and posts in our printed publications in Russia, Russian social media and our websites (both UK and Russian). Please note that following the implementation of the European Tobacco Products Directive (EU TPD), we will require full certification for each e-liquid brand.

Get in Touch

To discuss the possibility of getting your e-liquid brand into Russia, please contact us at [email protected]

Here is What E-Juice Companies Have to Say About Us

“I have always wanted to sell in Russia, but unfortunately for us, it has proved to be extremely risky and complicated that we thought it would not be worth our while. When we went to a vape exhibition in Russia, our entire e-liquid stock was seized by the Russian customs. Luckily, at the Moscow Vape Expo we met The Eliquid Boutique with whom we started working right away. I can confidently say that The Eliquid Boutique is more than a wholesaler. The Eliquid Boutique is a seamless platform that promotes an e-liquid brand not only through its online portal but also through its manifold marketing platforms. During the first month, my e-liquid brand received over 20,000 website views, 110 wholesale orders and a lot of social media talk. I am extremely grateful to the Katie and the team.” Donuts Vape Co, California

“The Eliquid Boutique is by far the most professional, supportive and efficient company I have seen in the vaping industry. Having approached a few other Russian e-juice wholesalers beforehand, I was not expecting The Eliquid Boutique to be much different to be honest. However, Katie and the team have surpassed all of my expectations. We have had my e-juice brand up and running on the website within 5 days. From then onwards, I feel as if though Katie and her team did the bulk of the work. After about two weeks the orders finally started rolling in. Overall, I have sold 10,000 e-liquid bottles to Russia in the first month alone, which was an incredible result. One thing that is worthy of mention is that The Eliquid Boutique is more than an e-liquid wholesaler, it is an incredible marketing tool that really projects a vape brand into the Russian market. Five Stars from us all the way!" Puppy Slush E-Juice Co, California“

"Having worked with The Eliquid Boutique for over a year now, I only have praise for this company. The Eliquid Boutique currently contributes 45% to the entire revenue of my company. By the way, whilst The Eliquid Boutique holds itself out as a Russian e-liquid wholesaler, it will actually promote your e-liquid to CIS countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and many other countries. Funnily enough, the Ukrainian clientele loved my e-liquid brand it made the most sales in Ukraine. The Eliquid Boutique not only generated revenue for my company but it added value to my premium e-juice brands. Let’s put it that way, getting your e-juice listed on e-liquid boutique is a little bit like investing $100k into advertising. The result is essentially the same with one exception, you do not have to put a cent out. The 10% commission I am charged by The Eliquid Boutique is a small drop in the Ocean and to be honest, I expected to be squeezed much more than that.” Beverly Hills Vape Co, California


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