Revealed: Benefits of Vaping E-Cigs

Benefits of Vaping E-Cigs

Walking around with a cigarette between your fingers used to mark you as one of the cool kids. Mainstream media was at the forefront of pushing cigarettes with almost nondescript warnings about their dangers. Smoking was just the thing to do. Times moved on however, and we as a people became more aware of that nondescript warning and realised we had been taken by the cool nature of the cigarette and forgotten its dangers. It was too late we were hooked. Ever since this turn people have sought ways and things to wean themselves off this deadly addiction and to do better. Many attempts have failed and often lead to no lasting solution and a definite relapse into bad ways. Enter E-Cigs, the not so new but hip alternative to smoking. They have been there for a few decades now but were mostly passed up, but recently with a growing desire to live longer and healthy lives people have begun exploring them as a viable alternative. Just as well these e-cigs have numerous benefits that far out way cigarettes. Here’s a look at some of them.

Enjoy your vice guilt free

One of the most important benefits of vaping e-cigs is the fact that you can drag and pull on an e-cig for hours on end without fear of putting your lungs and those around you at risk. E-cigs have been proven to be safe as they mostly do not contain nicotine and thousands of other chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. One can purchase e-liquid that has nicotine but the quantities can vary and are usually less than a standard cigarette. Usually those who purchase vape juice with nicotine in it are smokers on the road to quitting who are trying to wean themselves off cigarettes slowly. Many former smokers have come out in strong support for vaping as an effective way to stop smoking for good. Those who have stopped smoking have noted that there have been improvements with their skin, they feel less despondent about their health and are more active as they no longer resigned to a fate certain illness. E-cigs have been hailed one of the most effective nicotine replacement therapies out there, so you smoking can and will be a thing of the past.

E-cigs use e-liquids which are vaporised and produce a nice smelling vapour that one sucks in and then releases. Many ex- smokers will appreciate that for the 1st time in a long time they do not have to shirk away from family and friends for fear of stinking up the place.  There is a wide array of flavours to choose from so get ready to smell like chocolate or cotton candy after a few puffs and say goodbye to ostracism! No more stinking up a room or your clothes. And the vapour produced by e-cigs does not linger, so in a well ventilated room it will disperse in no time.

Benefits of Vaping: Bang for your buck

Vaping kits can be expensive especially if you go for the more fancy upmarket ones but they can also be cheap and still give you the best experience. You can expect to spend from as little as $30 on a kit and with how cigarette prices are like that will probably come to just two packs of cigarettes that you will probably go through in a day or two. Get your kit together and get ready to save on boxes of cigarettes. The cost may still seem steep but the trick is to buy in bulk that in the long run cuts the cost. So do your due diligence and shop around you will not be disappointed.

Fashion your own E-Cig

One of the greatest benefits of e-cigs is the fact that they are customisable. They can be tailor made to suit your own peculiar sense of style from the actual device to the flavour of the e-liquids. You can do away with menthol and ordinary taste of smokes and go for something more exciting. You can buy ready-made e-liquids or actually buy your own ingredients and make your own. Making your own will also in the long run save you a lot of money and it will put you in charge of for example the exact amount of nicotine you would prefer. They are different types of mods and atomizers unlike the boring and ordinary looking cigarette you get to switch it up whenever you feel like it. Change the new face of cool with a snazzy e-cig – a clear healthy and sexier alternative to the cigarette.

These are the main advantages of switching to e-cigs for smokers and for non smokers to actually start smoking e-cigs. Let’s have a quick recap below:

  • Smokers get ready to quit and for good this time.
  • Your health matters! We are living in an era where being healthy is ranked chief amongst the things you must be concerned with. Switch your vice to something much healthier. Get ready to see a change in your pallor, your energy and general well being.
  • No more cigarette smell! Now people cannot tell from a mile off that you have been smoking and you won’t suffer much of the ostracism smokers generally do.
  • Save, save, save! Get ready to stop wasting money on countless boxes of cigarettes. Get a reasonably priced e-cig kit, different e-liquids or create your own and remember to effectively cut costs buy in bulk. Shop around for a good deal!
  • Customise your e-cig to your liking. Play around with atomisers and mods to achieve the kind of look that suits you. Do away with the boring and mundane and jazz things up. Remember you can also make your e-liquid! Grab a few ingredients and make flavours that play to your tastes and needs. It’s perfect if you’re trying to wean yourself off smoking, you can manage the nicotine content in your e-cig.
  • Remember nicotine is optional and not mandatory.

 E-cigs are the way to go and with these many benefits one would be crazy not to give them a shot! Here is a good directory that contains some of the best premium e-juice brands from USA for you to choose from!

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