Review of 12 Best E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK

Review of 12 Best E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK

Here is our review of the 12 best e liquid flavor concentrates for making your own e-juice. Vaping is a relaxation activity for many smokers trying to quit the habit. It is also a pastime for social revelers who partake in vaping for the purpose of cloud chasing. Its popularity has grown widely over the past few years with many vapers pursuing new ways of making it more fun and trendy. Introduction of vape hangouts, advanced vaping devices and personalized accessories are some of the new trends in the vaping world. One of these interventions is exploring how wide the variety of e-juice flavors can be. E-juice flavors are made up of food grade extracts that are considered pleasant and safe for inhalation. The market is flooded with a wide variety of pre-packaged e-juice for your convenience but some adventure in making your own e-juice would be ideal. Creating your own blend is refreshing, relaxing and economical (make sure to shop around to for cheap e juice) while giving you the power to create the perfect e-juice for your taste buds! So if you are looking for something unique, trendy and out of the box, take a look at 12 of the best vape flavors you can choose from.

Hangsen Australian Chocolate - A great flavor that goes well with coffees, nuts, tobacco and berries because of its creamy, sweet, milky chocolate taste. It is a natural flavor extracted from cocoa beans. It needs to be used minimally as it can give off a bitter taste when used in large quantities. We recommend you use, at most, 2% in your e-juice recipe and adjust if necessary.

TFA Berry Cereal - Since its popularity surge in 2014, this flavor has continued to feature prominently in pre-packaged e-juices. Its strong cereal taste makes it a great pair for meringues and other cereal flavors like TFA Fruit Circles. Being a main constituent of several cereal recipes, this flavor offers endless opportunities of experimentation while DIYing your e-juice.

Flavorah Boysenberry - When paired with cereals, this flavor gives off a sweet, juicy scent that provides a warm cozy feeling when vaping. It blends well with other flavors like cream, berry, peanut and bakery.

TFA RY4 Double - Looking for that unique tobacco flavor in your e-juice? Then this is the perfect choice for you. It is sweet, richly flavored, with a little bit of vanilla and a whole lot of caramel, making it an ideal partner for flavors with a little bit of cream and nut. However, it will not pair well with fruity flavors but this depends on what your palate enjoys.

Lorann Banana Cream - Envision the taste of a banana cream pie topped off with berries, yum! This flavor tastes just like a banana and goes great with berry and cream flavors. If you love bananas then this is a great flavor to experiment with.

TFA Ripe Strawberry - This is the go-to flavor for all DIY junkies out there because it blends very well with almost all the flavors available in the market. It has a natural creamy taste that can be boosted using candy flavors. We recommend you try it with strawberry, candy, custard or cream flavors.

Flavor West Lemon Meringue Pie - When you need that nostalgic feeling of Sunday dinners at grandma’s, then this is the flavor for you. It comes fully packed with a mix of pie-crust, lemon custard and meringue flavors making it an easy one-stop-flavor for your e-juice. Pairs well with cream flavors and boosts citrus flavors.

FlavourArt Meringue - If you live on the sweeter side of life then this meringue flavor will give you sweetness for days. It best serves as a complimentary flavor, used with intense or sharp flavors to make them mellow.

Inawera Biscuit - If you enjoy your baked goods then this flavor makes you feel like you are swimming in a bakery. Its buttery cookie taste makes this a great base flavor to enhance caramel, chocolate, tobacco, coconut and fruit flavors.

Capella Vanilla Custard V1 - Steep this flavor for a couple of weeks and get a sweet creamy vanilla scent as you vape. This flavor blends very well with almost all fruity flavors and gives off a magnificent taste; however, some users may find it a tad too peppery.

Inawera Shisha Vanilla - This vanilla flavor is mainly used to bring out other flavors like berry, coffee, tobacco and caramel. Used by itself, it gives your e-liquid a unique punch. Its sweetness and creamy nature makes it one of the most commonly used flavors in e-liquids.

Capella Yellow Cake - Get more adventurous with your recipe by using this original fluffy cake tasting flavor. It works very well as a standalone flavor and can be paired with other dessert scented flavors like frosting. Its genuine bakery scent makes it very popular among vapers.

There you have it, 12 of the best e-juice flavors that you can add to your homemade recipe. Experiment and adventure with these flavors and others of your liking, to create that perfect, unique e-juice for you and your friends; try mixing two or more flavors, like Inawera Shisha Vanilla and TFA Ripe Berry, and see what you come up with. It is however important to note that not all flavor can be blended, when some are put together they give off a bitter or offensive taste. Similarly, ensure to follow basic mixing ratios provided on the packaging of the flavor; using too much or too little in a recipe may either cause irritation from the vapor or may end up being bland. Another important point to keep in mind when DIYing your e-juice is the influence that the other ingredients will have on the final taste of the vapor. Dilute nicotine and vegetable glycerine, two main ingredients in e-juice, have slight but unique flavors that are usually carried in the vapor, this is an important consideration when calculating how much and what type of flavor to use. For nicotine-free e-juice, the lingering scent of nicotine may not be a big factor but may be influential in the choice of flavor used. We hope you have found our review of 12 best e liquid flavour concentrates useful. If you are a regular DIYer and would like to buy e-liquid flavour concentrates and other ingredients in bulk, make sure to get in touch with vape juice wholesale providers for a discounted price as this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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