Side Effects of Vaping and E-Cigs

When it comes to vaping and its side effects one would do well to separate the chaff from the truth. There have been a number of ill founded reports that have had a negative impact on perceptions about vaping. Most, if not all of these have been disproven as mere speculation and a form of sabotage from anti-vaping advocates (usually Big Tobacco). When you do a quick search of the side effects of vaping there is a prominent article that pops up claiming that e-cigs have a high concentration of formaldehyde, a harmful cancer causing chemical. Our first task in this article is to set the record straight and stop you running for the hills for no reason.

If you type in “e-cigarette side effects” into Google you will more than likely bump into this:

“E-cigarette vapor can contain cancer-causing formaldehyde at levels up to 15 times higher than regular cigarettes, a new study finds. Researchers found that e-cigarettes operated at high voltages produce vapor with large amounts of formaldehyde-containing chemical compounds.”

Thankfully this study has been disproven many times and is inaccurate. The main thing this study actually showed was that formaldehyde may be produced if an e-cig is used incorrectly. This then makes it important for retailers in vape shops to not only sell e-cigs but to also inform and educate users about the proper use of them so as to lower the risk of producing formaldehyde. Some stores however do not give such advice and are purely into selling vaping gear for profit so as a first timer always aim to do some research and go to a vape shop where they will walk you through how to properly vape. Vaping research is still relatively new, so studies of its effects are still trickling in but so far most of them with solid backing have given it the thumbs up in terms of safety.

Now we get to the crux of this article and check out what the true side effects of vaping are and how you can prepare for them.

Hydration is your friend!

Three of the most common side effects of vaping are linked to dehydration. It may feel like a common sense thing to keep hydrated but not everyone really pays attention to this. The VG content in your vape attracts moisture and may sometimes leave you with a dry mouth which is of course unpleasant. The second effect connected to dehydration is dry skin, this is especially bad for those people who have naturally dry skin already and those with oily skin may get a pass on this BUT regardless always hydrate. Closely related to dry skin you will most like experience itchy, flaky and red patches as a result of dry skin and poor hydration as the third effect. It cannot be stressed enough that drinking water and vaping should always go hand in hand.

Round and Round

You will spin if you don’t vape wisely. Dizziness is also another side effect of vaping just like it is sometimes with smoking and the main culprit for this is nicotine. If ingested in high dosages it can be dangerous so be aware of your nicotine levels. The main reason most vapers end up feeling dizzy s because it is very easy to unconsciously chain vape especially when surrounded by other vapers. If you start feeling dizzy or flushed, take a break, step away from your mod and get some fresh air! Sub Ohm users must be more vigilant and always check their nicotine levels. Nicotine is a precocious stimulant and can be lethal if ingested in way too high doses. Always make sure if you do a DIY kit with nicotine that you are we’ll versed in the quantities you have to add. In varying quantities it won’t do you any harm, it “only” make you sick or it could kill you so be safe and be aware.

Anaphylactic Shock is no fun!

Who would have thought it, getting an allergic reaction from smoking your vape?! Yes folks, it’s very possible and not as rare as you would imagine. They are a whole lot of flavourings in e-liquids and some may include nuts or fruits which are naturally derived. Some vapers may experience allergic reactions to these juices much like they would do with the actual fruit or food so beware. Some people on the other hand are actually allergic to PG or VG in that case they have to search for an e-juice that doesn’t contain the one they’re allergic to. So try out new e-juices but always bear in mind their ingredients be weary of things that may set off any allergies you have.

Keep your whistle clean!

It cannot be stressed enough that it is important that you keep your vaping kit clean and in immaculate condition. Anything that you put in your mouth must always be sanitised. Germs will fester, infections will thrive and canker sores will make an appearance. Clean your tip and attachments always and if you share your mod make sure there is a tip dedicated to the other person. Puff, puff pass is fun in theory but there is nothing fun about sharing diseases and infections in the name of camaraderie.

And that’s about it with the side effects of vaping. There is very little to fear and all the effects can be prevented quite simply with a bit of diligence. So remember to disregard the misinformed and misleading article about formaldehyde in e-cigs and e-shisha, it’s simply not true and accurate. Always stay hydrated, beware of chain vaping and always take fresh air breaks, be conscious of your allergies when you purchase your e-liquids and finally always keep your kit clean to prevent infections! Keep checking for more studies on vaping and the side effects of vaping thereof as more are still being done but be assured you are safe!

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