Smok Stick V8 Review

The Smok Stick V8 is a really small packaged starter kit. It is a pen-style e-cigarette which is extremely portable. You can easily put it in your pocket and carry it around anywhere you go. It’s a very lightweight unit and would not cause any irritation in your palm and pocket. Its box is small but rather full of stuff you love. 

In the box you will find;

  • Smok Stick itself along with two coils.
  • The Baby m2 core 0.15 ohms coil comes pre-installed within the tank top. Another spare coil, baby m2 core 0.25 ohms of resistance is also included in the packaging.
  • You will also find a Smok Baby tank which provides you with a juice holding capacity of 5ml.
  • The glass tank is beautifully designed and looks good on the top of the kit itself.
  • There is also a user manual available for any instructions or guidance that you might need in getting around with the kit.


It offers a really small package which your fingers can hold quite easily without feeling any strain or pressure. The stainless steel body provides a rather premium look and gives you a sense of authority while holding it. It shares the same coil design with the Smok baby beast tank and can use its coils interchangeably without having to face any trouble. On the front of the stick, you will find a round power button which is rather beautifully designed. There is an LED light indicator around the button. To turn the device on you press the button five times and the LED light will blink three times to indicate that the device has turned on. 

To turn it off you press the power button three times again. The LED will blink again to indicate that the stick is now turned off. The battery on the kit is a pre-installed one and cannot be replaced. Actually, you can think of the kit as a battery itself as the shape of it is quite like a standard 18650mm battery. The battery has a storage capacity of 3000mah and can provide a discharge rate of 20 amps. The battery has enough capacity to provide you some good time. You will not be running to charge this beautiful module every couple of hours.

There are, however, no options to adjust any settings as there is only one button available on the whole module. The tank top is made of glass and gives off a really authentic look. The design of the glass tank top provides you with the option to adjust the airflow according to your liking by spinning it around. The refill process of the tank is also very easy. Its swivelling design provides you with easy access to refill port. You swivel it around to reveal the refill port which is hidden beneath the top lid of the tank. Once refilled you swivel it back to close and power the kit up to enjoy the vaping.


  • The stick style module has a round power button on the side top which provides easy on and off process. 
  • There is also an LED indicator enveloping the button, which is to say going around it, to let you know if the device has turned on or off when you press it. 
  • On the backside of it, you will find a micro USB port which allows recharging the battery.
  • There is also an LED indicator beneath the port. Which turns on to indicate the charging process of the kit.
  • You also have an atomizer at the bottom of the liquid baby tank which you can customize to your taste.


  • The device is really small and thin which makes it highly portable and mobile.
  • There is only one button which can be used to turn on or turn off the device so you don’t have to deal with any complex operations to use it.
  • The kit is sturdy as it is a metal body and has quite a strong feel to it.
  • A long charge with 3500mah battery.


  • If put in the pocket, it can automatically turn on which can cause irritation.
  • And if you are one of those people who hate fingerprints on the kit then you will find yourself cleaning the kit very often as this thing is a fingerprint magnet thanks to its metallic design.

Battery specification:

The battery is irreplaceable on the kit. It offers a capacity of 3500mah and is rechargeable with a micro USB cable.


The Smok stick v8 is rather like a plug and play device. It’s really simple and easy to use. So if you are a beginner or an expert in e-smoking, you will love stick v8 for its portability and good vapour production.

If you are looking for something more powerful, then I recommend the Smok Mag Grip or Smok Alien Kits which can get up to 225W.

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