Sub Ohming Guide

A Beginner's Sub Ohming Guide

We hope that this Sub Ohming Guide will give you an informative overview of Sub Ohm Vaping and allow you to make an informed decision whether Sub Ohm Vaping is for you. Most of us will have come across the term “sub ohming” either on Instagram or elsewhere. It can indeed strike us a nebulous and puzzling term. And by the way, sub ohming has nothing to do with sub-zero from Mortal Combat! Before we proceed with our rundown of sub ohming, sub ohming boils down to massive vapour clouds. If you are after big vapour clouds, continue reading this Sub Ohming Guide.

Large Vapour Clouds: A Reason why Vapers Sub Ohm

Sub Ohming produces very large vapour clouds like the ones you see on Instagram or at cloud chasing competitions. If you want bigger clouds, Sub Ohming is definitely for you. Sub Ohming produces very intense flavour. Most of us have begun our vaping journey with high-resistance ceramic fiber clearomisers such as EGO. Once you try Sub Ohming using organic cotton and a tank with low resistance, it is difficult to return to anything else. Higher wattage associated with Sub Ohming produces warmer vapour. Many vapers enjoy warmer vape because it helps to better emulate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Given that Sub Ohm vaping produces bigger plumes of vapour, this can also increase the flavour intensity with each inhalation. Rocking flavour and more intense clouds is how it all began. Vapers across the world started to build lower resistance coils until they reached below 1 Ohm, which was coined as “Sub Ohming”. Following on from this, it has become a race to the bottom as builders found new ways of achieving lower resistance setups. Most of us see vapers blowing very large clouds and may wonder what devices they are using. The chances are, they are using a Sub Ohm build. It is practically impossible to win a cloud chasing competition with a build exceeding 1 Ohm.

How do I start Sub Ohming?

The vape game is “picking up steam” (no pun intended) and is constantly evolving. In the past, you would have had to buy a Box or Mechanical Mod that uses rechargeable batteries and cotton for wicking. Sub Ohming requires you to understand the basic principles of Ohms Law.

There are three ways in which you can start your Sub Ohming maiden voyage:


RDAs, which is an abbreviation for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, which are more commonly known as “drippers” is the original way of Sub Ohming. Drippers are small devices that attach to mechanical mods. Drippers contain a deck where coild are inserted and affixed using a screwdriver and then wicked with cotton. Vapers then drip a few drops of e-juice onto the coils and wick every few puffs.


RTAs, abbreviated to Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are more suitable for vapers who want to build coils but do not want to be dripping e-liquid onto the coils and wick every few puffs. RTAs still give people the freedom to build coils to give them their favourite vape. Many RTAs have been designed for a Sub Ohm vaper with airflow control options.

Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm Tanks, are similar to RTAs with the only exception that the coils are pre-made, which does not give a vaper the flexibility to build their own coils. This is a great option if you are new to the Sub Ohming concept and do not want to build your own coils. In fact, building your own coils requires a certain amount of scientific knowledge, albeit very basic, to ensure that you are using your vapouriser safely.

Reasons why vapers choose not to Sub Ohm

Sub Ohming produces a great mouth to lung hit and Sub Ohmers are commonly known as mouth to lung hitters. Sub Ohming produces very large plumes of vapour which can draw a lot of attention to you in public places, which is a reason why some people may not want to Sub Ohm. Sub Ohming is a real juice guzzler because it takes more e-juice to produce bigger clouds. Sub Ohming will therefore require larger amounts of e-liquid, which can be costly. For those of you who are looking to save money or have a limited budget, Sub Ohming may not be for you. When Sub Ohming, most vapers lower their nicotine levels because Sub Ohming produces bigger vapour clouds, which give a large dose of nicotine. A lot of Sub Ohmers use nicotine in the range of 0mg to 6mg with 3mg being the industry standard.

Is Sub Ohming safe?

Are hammers safe? It is a mixed answer. Before you start Sub Ohming, ensure that you educate yourself first. You do not need a degree in electrics, just a basic grasp of Ohm’s law and basic electronics. Always ensure that you read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to battery safety. You can speak to your local vape shop or seek guidance online about the basics of Sub Ohming and ways in which you can stay safe.

Sub Ohming Guide: Conclusion

Hopefully, this Sub Ohming Guide has given you an informative and helpful overview of Sub Ohm Vaping. Do not just jump on the bandwagon of Sub Ohming, do you research first to see whether it is for you. The key question to ask yourself is what am I looking for in vaping? If you are looking to use vaping as a means of quitting smoking then Sub Ohming may not be your best bet. Vaping began as a means of quitting tobacco cigarettes and has evolved into a hobby. Just like people who rebuild cars for racing, Sub Ohmers constantly build coils and new set ups and take part in cloud chasing competitions. 

If you have decided that Sub Ohming is for you, then make sure to check out our online vape shop and browse our collection of premium high-VG e-liquid brands for your flavourful and large clouds.

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