The Best E-Liquid in the UK for 2017

Selecting the appropriate E-liquid for you is essential to making your vaping experience pleasurable.  Naturally, there are as many E-liquids available out there as there are companies that sell them, more in fact, and each of those companies offer their own special variety of flavors, and brands of e-cigarettes, so locating a company that can meet your special needs can be a challenge.

Just like the kind of cigarettes a person smokes can differ according to taste and personal preference, the same can be said about E-liquid or E-juice if you prefer.  While you might like the new fruity flavors, someone else may prefer the tobacco flavors.  Of course you'll have your favorite brand, but your friends may feel it's only so-so.  What it comes down to is that one of the absolutely best ways to discover what types of E-liquid you enjoy is merely to try an array of them and find out from personal experience.

To help you in that little quest, here is a list of six of the best E-liquids in the United Kingdom for 2017:

ApolloECigs E-liquids

It seems that Apollo E-cigs has a mission, and that is to advance the non-smoking principle.  Their array of high-grade E-liquids is incredibly vast.  If you're seeking out something conventional or in the mood for the exotic, your tongue and nose have met their match here.  To further wet your taste buds, they stock flavors such as Strawberry, French Vanilla, Mango Peach, Classic Tobacco Menthol, Green Apple, and even Cinnamon, plus many more too numerous to mention.

As for their E-liquid bottles, these come in three sizes - 5ml, 10ml, and 30ml, plus most of their flavors are available in five nicotine strengths, 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

It doesn't matter if you've been vaping for ten years or have just given up smoking and are new to the vaping community, Apollo E-cig won't dash your hopes for taste and scent delight.  Plus they stock an assortment of great vaping devices. E-liquids

When it comes to high-quality E-liquids, provides some amazing options.  There is enough available to satisfy everyone with a different specialty and conventional blends.  Their stock consists of brands such as Colonel Boom, Mystique, and General's Juice.  Plus they have a wide scope of price options -- from very affordable to very expensive.

Another good point is that when you spend a small amount, you get free UK shipping, so you won't have to be concerned that high shipping rates will throw your order over budget.  Also, it's possible to search through their E-liquid section by flavor, or UK-made E-liquids, and they even have a section for those from the USA.

You know what they say, try it you'll like it.  Well, this can be said for E-liquids.  If you need to find some different flavors, or just want to try another vape store, don't hesitate to give them a try.

E-Luxe London Premium E-Liquid

E-Luxe London was created with the intent of ushering in an unequaled and eclectic English E-liquid collection that mirrors their English heritage and unrivaled standards for quality.  Interestingly enough, their brand philosophy is taken from the expression "to want a moon on the stick", which is also displayed in their logo (the dot symbolizes the moon). 

Furthermore, their belief system also serves to set their above average standards, including knowledgeable, courteous customer service and excellent e-juice.  Also, all of their e-juice to be used in vaping devices are made by hand and packaged in a laboratory located in the English countryside.  All of their E-liquid flavors are created by in-house fashion designers and flavor mixologists to ensure that they will be flavors that are linked to the English lifestyle and its past. 

"Muhallabia" is their light rose flavor which makes one think of lovely English gardens and invokes the War of the Roses fought between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in the year 1485.  It is referred to as the War of the Roses because of the fact that both sides used roses as their badges, a red rose representing the Lancastrians and a white rose representing the Yorkists.  "Chelsea Square" invokes their varying and lively community with a chocolate flavor the strength of which is dulled slightly with the taste of just baked biscuits.

These are just examples of the excellent quality and taste of the products that E-Luxe London provides.  In order to fully understand just how wonderful their products are one must actually them for oneself.

Square 47 Gourmet E-Liquid

Square 47 boasts their new Square 46 Premium UK E-Liquid Collection, created with assistance from former celebrity clients with the goal of providing you with a gratifying and enchanting vaping experience. 

Square 47 Premium UK E-Liquid Collection has its origins in Eastern Ray London,

their sister company located in London.  They're a bit unusual in that they actually cater and supply exclusive Shisha Pipe Hire and other services to important events like celebrity parties, birthdays, Mogul weddings and birthdays, and corporate events.  It's brand is created by working together with their clients who come from backgrounds as unalike as Russia, the Middle East, the USA and the UK.  Their E-liquid selection is a combination of cultivated tastes culled from varying cultures, which give the Square 47 E-liquid collection its unparalleled singularity.

Their E-liquid selections are identified by batch numbers to guarantee that the ingredients will be traceable and of excellent quality.  Every batch of Square 47 E-liquid is placed in glass bottles that sport childproof and tamper proof caps so that children aren't endangered.

Black Note BRAVURA

So you're an ex-smoker turned vaper desperately seeking that rich tobacco taste without the dangers of cigarettes.  Well, here is the answer to your prayers.  This E-liquid was created especially with former smokers in mind, who are aching for that discriminating blend of tobaccos.  It actually uses real extracts taken from Red Burley tobacco that is grown in the nourishing volcanic soil surrounding Mount Vesuvius.  Once the leaves are selected that is not the end of the process.  They are all air-cured and fermented, and it is only then that the extracts are removed, which serves to make a bold, yet multi-layered taboo taste that also carries wisps of fruit and a strong taste.

This truly tasty blend is produced in the USA, has been lab tested, and has no Diacetyl.  It has the ability to produce thick clouds of vapor and still provide a smooth taste.

My Juicy Affair UK E-Liquid

My Juicy Affair Luxury E-liquid Collection is adroitly handcrafted and bottled in small batches at the company's certified UK lab.  If you consider yourself a vaping connoisseur, or just like to be surrounded by thick clouds when you vape, then this may be the brand for you.

They have managed to produce a selection of E-liquids that are both seductive and light-hearted, but are also ideal for both drippers and tank users.  If you want to be engulfed in thick clouds of vapor but still be able to enjoy a high-grade flavor, this brand will please you.  All ingredients are purchased from various suppliers the world over, particularly Western Europe and the USA.  Each E-liquid they produce holds within it at least six various ingredients to provide a uniquely satisfying flavor for those who enjoy the clouds, but are looking for something a little lighter for their vaping experience.

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