The Differences Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

The Differences Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil

A farm bill passed in 2018 legalised cannabidiol (CBD) in various regions in the world. This has made its popularity to increase with many markets endorsing products containing the compound. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and even sometimes goes with the name Hemp Extract. 

This has brought confusion with another product of hemp plant known as Hemp Oil, which has, interestingly, been in existence for decades. Hemp oil has been sold for years in health food stores, both targeting diet and aesthetic uses and the increased popularity of CBD is causing debates on CBD oil vs Hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil comes from simply pressing cannabis Sativa plant seeds to obtain oil just like in many other vegetable oils. The process is called cold-pressing and obtains oil while maintaining the integrity as well as pureness of the hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is actually considered a superfood by sellers and many consumers since it naturally contains high levels of Omega fatty acids essential for greatly improving general health. The oil is also full of vitamins and other nutrients that a person’s body requires.


On the other hand, CBD oil is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp plant where it is available in various parts like the leaves, stem and flower. The reason why Cannabidiol is gaining a lot of popularity is because it has been found to help patients with a number of conditions such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, inflammation, chronic pain, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and many others. More studies are being conducted with varying levels of success to see how CBD can be used in the treatment of other health conditions.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil In Usage

So far, you can understand that CBD is used mostly for clinical practices. As aforementioned, cannabidiol is used in the treatment of a range of health conditions. One advantage of CBD oil so far is its ability to aid in a number of issues with no negative side effects experienced, unlike many other medications. The studies conducted in the past and the ones existing currently on CBD oil look to identify the medicinal value of this compound.

Comparing the two products, you’ll find significant CBD oil and Hemp oil differences in their usage. Hemp oil is generally a beauty product, as clearly seen in many retail settings. Users of hemp oil report that it does wonders to their skin. Hemp oil can actually be found in many beauty products such as lotions and soaps.

Another of the CBD oil and Hemp oil differences it is worthwhile to note is that CBD, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, is also an effective beauty product. The powerful anti-inflammatory that packs lots of anti has shown positive results when treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and others.

From the above information about hemp oil and CBD oil, you should begin to understand CBD oil and Hemp oil differences. Please take precautions when purchasing either of the products since there’s a lot of misleading happening so you want to ensure you get a trusted product. If you are thinking of CBD oil vs Hemp oil, always check on ingredients. Hemp contains hemp seed oil while CBD oil will say cannabidiol or Hemp Extract.

To clearly understand the topic of CBD oil and Hemp oil differences, focus on the effects and purposes of the two products. The way cannabidiol oil and hemp oil are made varies, as does their ideal usage.

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