The Differences Between CBD Oil And Nicotine

The Differences Between CBD Oil And Nicotine

One of the commonly discussed topics when it comes to CBD is CBD oil vs Nicotine. The two compounds that are both derived from plants have been talked about for a long time. Their contrast comes from the fact that both compounds may share an intake procedure like vaping, with CBD oil being used in place of nicotine.

One of the most obvious CBD oil and Nicotine differences is that the two compounds are not obtained from the same plant species. Nicotine, a colourless or yellowish oily substance, is derived from tobacco.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a strain of cannabis that doesn’t contain the psychoactive agents that get people high. CBD has become a topic of discussion nowadays, and this increases as more researches on clinical benefits of CBD continue to yield positive results.

Maybe a little more explanation of what nicotine can help you understand more CBD oil and Nicotine differences.


Nicotine which is the main active constituent of tobacco stimulates the body in small quantities. This happens when nicotine induces production of dopamine in the brain, which gives the user pleasurable sensations. The action of the brain craving nicotine so that more dopamine can be released and give the user the intensely pleasurable sensations is what causes addiction to nicotine.

Comparing CBD to nicotine is a very relevant topic at present. One most interesting CBD oil and Nicotine differences are that these two compounds are almost total opposites of each other.

For instance, unlike nicotine, CBD oil is non-toxic.

Nicotine brings the user a range of negative side effects, but CBD has no side effects.

One of the major side effects of nicotine is making the user addicted, yet no matter how many doses of CBD one consumes according to studies conducted; one can never develop a dependence on the compound, even with the influence of serotonin levels that occurs with the intake of CBD.

For the CBD oil vs Nicotine debate, it is clear CBD oil is now the clear winner as the product you should be using. Nicotine produces behavioural effects on the user and affects their psychological system. According to a 2007 report by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians, this effect can be up to 10 times more than in cocaine or morphine! 

All these issues are completely absent in CBD oil users. While use of Nicotine can leads to sleep disorders due to its stimulating properties increasing heart rate and blood pressure, CBD on the other hand has a calming effect and helps one to sleep better.

Nicotine intake raises adrenaline levels while CBD vaping does the complete opposite.

You will easily notice that nicotine is quite hazardous as it can lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Such conditions are never experienced with the usage of CBD oil, which is considered safer in CBD oil vs Nicotine situations.

Currently, a large number of vapers that use nicotine are switching to CBD from nicotine. Thanks to cannabidiol’s non-toxicity and non-psychotropic state, some experts even say it may reduce addiction.

Legal status

It is hopefully quite obvious now that the reason why CBD is contrasted with nicotine is because the cannabinoid is becoming an increasingly popular substitute for nicotine in vaping. It is important that you know about the legal status of the two products.

Nicotine e-liquids used in vaping are under TPD regulations in Europe. Since CBD is not a controlled substance because it doesn’t contain THC, the CBD e-liquids are not regulated yet.

With all of the documented CBD oil and Nicotine differences, it makes a lot of sense in regards to health reasons for those who enjoy vaping to consider substituting nicotine with CBD for a range of long-term benefits.

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