Things To Know About CBD Eye Drops

CBD has become very much popular among the people because it is available in different forms including capsules, gummies, oils, creams, lotions, etc. Now it is also being used as a major ingredient in many medicines and even CBD infused eye drops are now freely available in stores. During research conducted during the 1970s, it was found that cannabis can help in reducing eye pressure and cure glaucoma. Ever since, many people were using cannabis eye drops for the treatment of this condition. However, the emergence of CBD has made a lot of changes in the medical industry and many people have replaced the cannabis infused eye drops with CBD because it is safer and potential.

Things To Know About CBD Eye Drops

How Does CBD Eye Drops Work

Many study reports are suggesting that topical application of CBD is effective in reducing intraocular pressure and this property will help in controlling the symptoms of glaucoma. Since CBD is not a compound that easily mixes with water, it was not ideal for usage in the introductory phase. The solutions that were used to overcome this problem were also responsible for the irritation in the user’s eye. But now, the manufacturers have found a solution to this problem because now they are using cyclic sugar to make these products.

Scientific Reports And Studies 

The research about the effect of cannabis infused eye drops started in the early phase of 1970. The research was started by a group from Dalhousie University and their initial reports proved its effect only in relieving pain. During 1979, this medicine was tested in 16 people suffering from glaucoma and it was found that cannabis is not only effective in the treatment of that condition, but also in reducing blood pressure and also improving heartbeat. Another study proved that over usage or higher dosage of CBD will increase eye pressure other than curing it.

Proper Dosage Of CBD Eye Drops

Research has found that using more than 40mg of CBD will create an adverse effect on the user’s eyes, and it is mandatory to keep the dosage below 40mg. In addition to that, studies have found that only 5 percent of overall CBD dripped in the eyes will reach the system. Therefore, it is better to use other CBD products like CBD vape pens to cure this condition.

If you are suffering from the early stages of glaucoma, it can be cured with eye drops. So it is better to seek advice from an eye specialist and use CBD infused eye drops to treat the condition.

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