Top 10 E-Liquid Manufacturers in the USA

Five Pawns E-Liquid

Five Pawns is renowned in the world of serious vapers for their ultra-premium,"craft" E-Liquid products. Now while it's true that their selections are limited and their brand is quite costly, it's also a fact that chances are you won't find such a delectably full-bodied and tasty combination of blends anywhere else, no matter how hard you search.

Because they are made with such care and attention to detail their top of the line products have swiftly been taken up by exclusive boutique vape shops, and some of the prime online suppliers, such as Vapor DNA, Vapor and Breazy Vapor stock their complete line-up of artisan-style E-Liquids. These E-Liquids, although there are only 10 flavors, have a unique and enticing taste that will keep your palate smiling. Their Five Pawns Signature Series includes: Absolute Pin -- a product that has a taste it's difficult to describe. It's an exotic blend of cinnamon, caramel and Irish Cream, with a train of absinthe running underneath them. Gambit is often referred to as the most complex flavor that Five Pawns produces. Beyond tasty with an apple-crust inhale, proceeding a swirling, creamy caramel exhale. From all of the flavors offered, this is the one that you want to linger over like a fine wine. 

Of course there are other terrific flavors in the group, but regardless of which is your favorite, you can look forward to a refined and flavorful vaping experience that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

Cuttwood E-Liquid

Nearly every vaper has come across the name Cuttwood at one time or another. Despite the fact that they don't carry many different E-Liquids, they've managed to earn renown among vapers by carrying some of the best liked flavors.

Unicorn Milk is a must have. In the vaping universe it seems that strawberry cream and unicorns go together hand in hand. If you enjoy strawberries with whipped cream, then you'll positively drool over this flavor. The strawberry lingers on the tongue with a light sweetness and the cream is mellow. Sugar Drizzle is a buttery cinnamon concoction that tastes like it's fresh out of the corner bakery, very close to a cinnamon roll, and without being overwhelming as cinnamon can sometimes be. 

Through clever ingenuity with its E-Liquids, and catering to the majority, Cuttwood has managed to turn itself into one of the most renowned E-Liquid companies around. While their E-Liquids aren't radically apart from what's already available, over time they have earned a reputation for creating refined, high quality E-Liquid that everyone else wants to have.

Vista Vapors

This is yet another brand of E-Liquid that has proven itself through years of dedicated customer service as one of to go to places for inexpensive vape E-Liquids. For their basic line a 32 mL bottle sells at $7.49 and customers can buy bottles of as much as 102 mL. There's an amazing 8 nicotine choices and also many flavor boosts to add to your E-Liquids if you are so inclined. To add even more adventure to your vaping experience, they allow you to blend your own E-Liquid formula by using the custom blending tool they provide. Vista Vapors also offers many top of the line blends and hardware. 


Black Note

The line of N.E.T E-Liquids provided by Black Note without a doubt ranks up there with the best-tasting tobacco E-Liquid lines available out there. They get their genuine tobacco flavor from real tobacco leaves, which could hardly be otherwise since it is the taste is just like the real thing. This time consuming method of extraction guarantees that you get the best tasting and highest quality tobacco E-Liquid found anywhere. There are absolutely no synthetic flavors added, dyes, colors or chemical additives giving it the reputation for being one of the utmost natural E-Liquids you can buy. The absence of additives is more than just healthier, it also eliminates the goo that sticks to coils when you use other E-Liquids. To prove their faith in their own products, Black Notes offers a 90 day money back guarantee for every order, making them the only brand to do so.


Cosmic Fog

Just start asking about the best E-Liquids in the vaping world, and you will find that Cosmic Fog is one of the first brands to be cited. They have truly earned their status as one of the best selling brands globally. This is because from the very beginning they were determined to create the most refined, deliciously tasting E-Liquids and have without question achieved their goal. While they do not have a wide range of flavor blends, the ones they do carry are right on target. Their most popular flavor is Milk and Honey, but it's not stretching the facts at all to say that all of their flavors are simply extraordinary. If they keep up the good work, Cosmic Fog will be remaining at the top of their game for a long time to come.

Vaporfi  E-Liquids

Vaporfi has a gigantic assortment of fine quality E-Liquid flavors to make your selection from. Should you not find anything to your liking there, in which case means that you are extremely hard to please, you can create the ideal mix for yourself using as many as 3 flavors to make numerous combinations. Vaporfi holds themselves to strict criterion when it to their E-Liquids and utilizes only the best ingredients available. Plus, Vaporfi provides a Grand Reserve line for those among you who are flavor gourmets. If you want a great vaping experience then dash over to Vaporfi and give their E-Liquids a try.

Vape Craft Inc.

Vape Craft has built a reputation for themselves as one of the number one brands for inexpensive, fantastic tasting, and high VG E-Liquids. They also carry a vast array of flavors. Some of the vaping favorites are OMG SO GOOD, Nectar Custard and Strawberry Milk. Plus they provide amazing new flavors every month. Sometimes referred to as a 'budget' brand. However, do be aware that most of their E-Liquids contain Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin, which are the substitute ingredients created after the great Diacetyl scare. However, if cost is your concern, and you are looking for great flavor, then by all means try Vape Craft.


Virgin Vapor

Amongst the first organic E-Liquid lines made available, the Virgin Vapor line is an entirely organic max VG line of E-Liquids, and their Virgin Absolute line comes minus any artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or other additives. Their Coconut Conniption and Razzmatazz flavors come highly approved by the public, and they, as well as all their flavors are now able to be purchased in new 60 or 120ml bottles. Plus, it's worth knowing that Virgin Vapor obeys and even goes beyond AEMSA's severe protocols as regarding quality testing for dactyl and pentanedione.



Halo has recently redone their entire website, opted for different packaging and also modernized their logo. However, what's even better is that they now provide a vast selection of products, and now allow their customers to purchase their E-Liquids in a high VG line called V-Type.

For many years Halo has provided top notch customer service and high quality items -- not only E-Liquids but hardware too -- and they remain at the top of their game.


Kindjuice is an organic E-Liquid company that hails from Miami, Florida. Their website has vibrantly colored graphics with a definite tropical flare, inventive names for the E-Liquids, and some extremely different and exotic flavors that have "wild crafted botanical extracts". This is an E-Liquid company that caters to vapers that are truly concerned about the ingredients in their liquids.

Some of their flavors are Harmony, alive with the scent of roses, lavender, and parma violets, plus a pear sorbet. Yes, it does sound strange to hear that an E-Liquid includes flowers, but this one is fantastic. The floral touch is mainly for the aroma, not the taste buds, but be warned that you can detect the taste of the flowers. What balances it out however, is the astounding fruity taste of the pear sorbet. Wonderful. Another flavor which comes from their E-Nectar line is called Key West Sunset. There is only one way to describe this one and that is PEACHES. Another excellent flavor for the discriminating palate. Share your views on Top 10 E-Liquid Manufacturers in the USA below.

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