Top 20 Most Influential Vapers in the US and the EU

Top 20 Most Influential Vapers in the US and the EU

In this day in age with the Internet being so dominant in our lives there are bound to be movers and shakers who have a profound influence on the conversation pertaining to any trend or movement. When it comes to vaping the issue is that there is a plethora of misinformation out there from everyone and their dog who want to participate in promoting or demoting the merits of vaping. Because of this it can be difficult to narrow down a list of people who do have something valid to say on the topic, because there are certainly those who have useful information out there. To help get you started on who the reputable bloggers/reviewers are, here is a list of the Top 20 Most Influential Vapers in the US and the EU. Let’s start with the top US vapers:

10: Julia Barnes

Julia Barnes is truly a story teller at heart and as the Assistant Editor for Spinfuel she targets those who are new to vaping through her thorough reviews. Spinfuel is an online lifestyle magazine which targets vapers in all walks of life by providing reviews, guides and news. You can connect with Julia on Twitter @Spinfuel_Julia

9: Blake B.

As the owner of Guide to Vaping, Blake B. has garnered a strong following of loyal vapers on his site. On his site Blake provides a comprehensive look at vaping from information for beginnings to more high-end information. He is a funny guy who is clearly passionate about vaping. You can keep posted on Blake’s site through a quick serach on Twitter or Facebook. a pretty comprehensive e-cig site with an army of loyal readers.

8: Abby Olmstead

As one of the leading members of EcigAdvanced Abby became an advocate of vaping when her husband made the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. Through her passionate online presence, Abby focuses on vaping industry news, legislation, studies and community-related gatherings.

7: Kevin Burke

Like Abby, Kevin Burke is also a member of EcigAdvanced, who covers new modifications, reviews and interviews. He is also interested in looking at any new controversies in the field. Kevin looks at the deeper issues when it comes to the stigma around e-cigs and vaping. His youth and passion bring a needed voice to the vaping community at large.

6: Gregory Conley

Gregory Conley is an attorney by trade and he is also the Legislative Director for CASAA (the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association). Conley participates in many conversations around legislation pertaining to vaping and he is often asked to interview as a knowledgeable professional in the field. Follow him on Twitter for more info about his areas of expertise.

5: Vaping Monkey

CJ aka the “Vaping Monkey” is the west coast correspondent for VPLive Vape Team. He has a great sense of humour, which he brings to his work and he is highly knowledgeable in his reviews. Look for him on Twitter and YouTube.

4: Steve K. operates the website Steve K’s Vaping World which is a very well-known vaping blog. He has used and experimented with a plethora of e-cigarettes and he is more than willing to share these stories with you. He is an easygoing guy who provides true and honest reviews. You can follow Steve K on Facebook and Twitter.

3: The VapinGreek

Dimitris Agrafiotis is not shy about sharing his love of technology, which evolved into a love of vaping when he quit smoking. He is a member of VP Live Vape Team like some others on this list and he readily toots the horn for vaping. He has a vide blog as well which takes a look at his own personal vaping journey.

2: Grimm Green

Grimm Green is also a super popular vaper who gets down to brass tacks when it comes to reviewing vapourizers, e-liquids and mods of all sorts. He attends conferences and he is also an activist in the field.

1: Phil Busardo

Phil Busardo is the owner of Taste Your, who offers a comedic look inside the vaping world. He is honest and thorough in his reviews and he is not simply in it for the money. He loves vaping and he is passionate about promoting it.

Now that the US vapers have been highlighted let’s take a look at the top 10 UK vapers:

  1. Russell Ord

Russell was a once heavy smoker turned vaper. He is a teacher who has advocated to get pubs to allow e-cigarettes. He is passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of vaping and creating more mainstream knowledge around the issue.

  1. Dick Puddlecote

It is important to note that Dick is a vaper but he is also a heavy smoker who speaks out for smokers rights. He is a relatively crass fellow who holds nothing backHis blog is interesting and engaging and whether you agreed with what he has to say or not he certainly offers a different perspective.

  1. Kulr Me Stoopid

KulrMeStupid moderates UK Planet of the Vapes forum as well as being active in the campaign against vaping bans.

  1. The UK Vapers Team

Phil A of the UK Vaper`s team.

Phil A was a member of the original UK Vapers forum, which disbanded. UK Vaper’s forum was started in its stead as the members were determined to provide a location for people to discuss issues related to vaping.

  1. Ghyslain Armand

After quitting smoking after 18 years of 25 cigarettes a day, Armand started a blog to discuss the benefits of vaping. He writes articles, is an activist and computer programmer.

  1. Dac Sprengel

Founder of the ECAA (E-Cigarette Associations Alliance) which is an alliance of European vendors associations, which represents the interests of the European e-cigarette industry in the EU, Dac is active on social media and in blog writing.

  1. Chris Price

Chris is a former engineer and he and he had a gig running the largest e-cigarette forum in the world. He has a special interest in the health and political aspects of vaping. You can follow Chris on Twitter here.

  1. Christopher Snowden

As a freelance journalist Christopher Snowdon often blogs about electronic cigarettes, and has been invited to radio shows where he has can be found challenging myths about vaping and defending the rights of vapers.

You can follow Chris on Twitter here.

  1. Katherine Devlin

Katherine is the President of ECITA. She has been instrumental in creating the Industry Standard of Excellence and implementing a strict twice-yearly audit of member companies. She has also been a strong advocate for e-cigarettes, all the while battling leukemia.

  1. David Dorn

David is a former editor of a national computing magazine and an online editor at AOL, but more recently he founded Vapor Trails, a popular UK online show that discusses everything from products to the latest news around vaping.

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