Top 20 TPD Compliant Wholesale E Liquid

Top 20 TPD Compliant Wholesale E Liquid

With the arrival of the new TPD compliance guidelines it is essential for retailers to locate and work with reputable wholesale companies. The necessity is two fold in that it is important for retailers to make sure they are sourcing products that are compliant with the new regulations so they do not get dinged by the government. In this way retailers must do their research and build a relationship with a respected and honest wholesalers so they can be sure that they are getting the best bang for their buck as well as making certain that they are selling products that meet all regulations. Although there have been contentions about the TPD guidelines there are certainly wholesalers who have risen to the occasion and made their products TPD ready. Another benefit of partnering with wholesalers who ensure TPD compliance is that you can be certain that you are providing your loyal customers with e-liquids that you can be confident are up to standards and safe for your customers to purchase and use. It can be difficult though to know which wholesale brands you can trust and which ones you should be wary of. To help you along in here is a list of the Top 20 TPD Compliant Wholesale E Liquid suppliers:

1. Savage e-liquids: This company sells premium e-liquids and other vaping products. All their products are TPD certified. 

2. Vapourcore: This company was launched specifically to distribute products that are in compliance with the TPD guidelines. Their products are available across the EU and the UK. 

3. Fresh Mist: Fresh Mist is TPD compliant and they offer a wide range of wholesale products. They pride themselves on sourcing products that are UK manufactured. 

4. Premium Vapour UK: All products sold with this wholesaler meet government regulations and they offer products that are manufactured and tested in cutting edge facilities. 

5. Vaping Warehouse: This company was developed in essence to cut out the middleman when it comes to retailers accessing products. The company partners with retailers to offer them access to premium TPD certified products without the hassle of going through a third party. 

6. Decadent Vapours: An award winning company that offers over 90 different flavor options, all Decadent Vapours’ products are TPD certified. 

7. VS E-liquid Wholesale: This company believes in eco-friendly options for e-cigarette consumers. All their products are tested and certified. 

8. EQ Wholesale: EQ Wholesale claims to be 100% geninue and TPD certified. They offer products that are sourced directly from UK manufacturers. 

9. NextDay Vapes: This company prides itself on having a quick turnaround time on orders while also providing premium products. 

10. Viking Vapes: Viking Vapes offers quality vaporuziers and e-liquids at an affordable price while being TPD certified. 

11. Everything Liquid: This company is a TPD certified Wholesale supplier of liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, PET e-liquid bottles, LDPE e-liquid bottles, e-liquid labels and DIY Supplys.

12. NicoHit UK: This company is run by vapers for vapers. All of their products are tested and approved by their staff and they are all TPD certified. They have partnerships with over 500 retailers across the UK. 

13. Vapouriz: Vapouriz carries everything from vapes, to mods and e-liquids; all product is TPD certified. 

14. VapeBase UK: This company provides a diverse array of products throughout the UK and the EU. They state that they partner with retailers to provide the best quality for the lowest cost.

15. Vapourlites: Vapourlites sells premium e-liquid for a cost effective price. They also include free shipping!

16. E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates: This wholesaler offers options for those who like to experiment with creating their own flavours of e-liquid. All products are TPD certified. 

17. E-Liquid Solutions: This wholesalers is also a manufacturer that offers a variety of custom TPD compliant products for all tastes. 

18. House of Vapes London: This wholesaler also has many brick and mortar stores where they offer one on one consultation. As a result, they have lowered their online prices in order to accommodate the lack of ability to consult online. All the products offered are high quality and TPD certified. 

19. Vapour Hub International: Vapour Hub International is based in California, USA but they can provide TPD certified product to UK retailers. They state that they are addressing the demand for USA produced vaping products and e-juices. 

20. JAC Vapour Wholesale: JAC Vapour is touted as being one of the foremost e-cigarette companies in the UK. The company designs their own products and they stand behind their quality 100%. They not only create e-liquids but also develop their own hardware.

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