TPD Tank regulations are now in full effect there are some considerations you have to take into account when it comes to tanks. A TPD compliant tank must hold 2ml or less of e-liquid and they must also be leak and tamper proof. At this time, while there are some TPD compliant tanks already on the market, many of them are poorly made brands that come from China. This makes it difficult for a retailer to honour a warranty when the product eventually breaks down on the client. In this case, with the new regulations, it is best to spend a little more money to purchase a 2mL compliant tank from a reputable manufacturer.

In order to go about providing a good product that you are certain is compliant with TPD regulations it is essential to do your research. As a retailer you want to have a good reputation for providing high quality products so your customers will come back for another purchase. You are obviously also looking for the best way to mange costs in order to maximize profits but in this case do not cut corners. Research is the best way to locate the highest quality product for the most cost efficient price. At this time, there are not many high quality products on the market that are TPD compliant so it is essential to look around. Talk to the supplier and find out about their products. Look for reviews online and speak with other business owners. This is the only way you are going to know whether a wholesaler is giving you a good product or whether they are giving you a run for your money. You are also looking to work with a company that is aware of market trends and that can anticipate what is going to be popular in the consumer market. You do not want to spend your money on something that is not going to sell but this is just good business practice.


Article 20 contains the new TPD regulations which state that:

  1. All Member States must take the appropriate steps to guarantee that:

(a) All liquid which has nicotine is only sold in dedicated refill containers which hold no greater an amount than 10ml, in e-cigarettes which are disposable and not reusable, or in cartridges which can be used only 1 time, and that the tanks or cartridges do not hold more than 2ml of liquid.

There is a loophole within this regulation, as larger e-cigarettes that can contain more e-liquid are not sold with liquid in them. Technically if they are properly packaged and labelled larger e-cigs can be sold and considered compliant with the law.

(b) All e-cigarettes as well as refill containers are not only child and tamper proof, but are further protected from breaking and leaking, and have a special mechanism designed for refilling minus any leakage.

Most e-liquid bottles that were on the market were already tamper/childproof to begin with so this should not be a problem.

Although initially there was a lot of hype around the new regulations, retailers should rest assured that the regulations are actually not difficult to follow. As a diligent retailer, as long as you make certain that you follow the regulations that are outlined, you should have no problem. Do not get caught up in the doom and gloom publicity that is happening on the Internet take your time, do your research and be diligent and you will be fine.

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