TPD Vaping Laws UK - 2017 Regulations

UK vapers continue to be attacked by new laws which restrict the way that they can vape. These requirements will limit vapers in the UK in a variety of ways such as increasing the prices and the concentration of nicotine. These are the restrictions that cause so many more problems with your vape. The restrictions placed on this already small community are limiting the community’s access to any forms of supplies from refill containers to full containers of liquid. This law raises concerns of vaping’s viability in the future as limitations on both producers and consumers slowly seem to be pointing in the direction of annihilation of this beloved hobby. Here is how the TPD vaping laws will affect e-liquid manufacturers, vape mod producers, vape shops and ordinary vapers. 

E-cigarette tanks can no longer have a capacity greater than 2ml. This is going to be a major downer for all of you chasing the clouds because of how the smaller amounts of e-liquid will restrict the size of your clouds. The TPD is also limiting nicotine strength which is now at only 20mg/ml which may encourage those who vape to go back to smoking due to being unable to get the hit of nicotine from smoking. The TPD is also restricting the size of refill containers down to 10ml. This is sure to outrage, by restricting the size vapers will have no option except to buy many packages which may increase the amount it costs to vape if you burn through those cartridges too quickly not just parts and refills are being banned however, certain ingredients are now being banned from use in e-liquids such as colourings, caffeine, taurine and other ingredients which may cause harm when in heated or unheated forms. These restrictions will limit the ability of vapers to reach their full potential. While this seems like a minor inconvenience it’s a step towards near total control and banning of vaping and the importation of vaping goods.

The TPD is also going to cause some changes to packaging so be sure that you don't pass by the section you are looking for in a B&M. Any products containing nicotine and their packaging must be child-resistant and tamper evident. This rule may play a part in protecting children and ensuring that you will be aware of if there are any undesired products in your nicotine containing e-liquid. While nicotine in cigarettes has already been allowed to establish itself the government seems very interested in removing nicotine or at least slowing its movements in the vaping field potentially forcing people back to smoking which has become highly regulated due to its long existence.

The stigma inherited by vaping from smoking is painfully affecting the UK. By preventing advertising of vaping in public settings they are denying a rise to popularity that the cigarette enjoyed to this potentially cleaner alternative thus slowing research and analysis on what is likely to be a much healthier product for users and their neighbours. It’s unfortunate that the community has to be subject to this without even being allowed to spread its wings. The government seems interested in killing vaping before it manages to get anywhere and that paints a larger picture.

The results of these bans paint a painful precedent for vapers in the UK. Vaping is a new community that the government has made the choice to shoot down before considering its merits. Many people I know have used vaping to quit smoking and other unhealthy habits and to criminalize it would likely bring those bad habits to the surface again, but it’s not just about us. When the government has too much control over harmless things it paints a poor precedent for their power and the people’s willingness to resist. Be it because of greed or stigma the vaping community has been marginalized by the government and judgemental people looking to ban all “vices” in a community. Vaping is far less harmful than those around you for smoking and for individuals it is likely far better for them than smoking. If you don’t want this to go any further make sure vote for pro-vape politicians in your area and in general as well as phoning your representative on these concerns.

It may be in your best interest to stockpile before May 20th as that’s when most of these laws take effect but if you’re running low maybe you can try dripping to make it last but if this article came out too late, keep calm and carry on.

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