Vape Maintenance Tips

Vape Maintenance Tips

Your vape is something an electronic device that comes into contact with water that you put in your mouth and inhale the contents into your lungs. This makes it a significant risk to not only yourself if left unmaintained but also to the tool. You most likely use your vape for taste and not cleaning your mod properly can cause mechanical failures or worse an explosion. Vapes are made out of multiple parts for different purposes and there are different ways to clean each part. This article is here to help those who need some advice on how to keep their e-cigs in prime working order. Here are our top vape maintenance tips.

Vape Maintenance Tips - Battery

Taking care of the battery is one of the most important parts of vape care. Most vapes use lithium ion batteries. That's right the same batteries used in Samsung galaxy note 7s. While they are strong batteries with good durations they have a problem dealing with too much heat and pressure if they are not cared for. Important things to do with your battery are not to let it die on the first charge. This is a general rule for most battery powered electronic devices. Batteries can lose a lot of their power if they're left to  die and can lose a lot of effectiveness. Make sure to clean any leaked juice from your battery heads in the reservoir at least once a week. Wet batteries risk permanent damage as well as increasing the chance that your device might explode. That being said it's a good idea to have a spare battery in the case that your current battery is damaged or dies in use.

Vape Maintenance Tips - Vape Tanks

All the vapour your e-cig spits out comes from the tank. This means that often time tastes can be left there and ruin the tastes of future flavours.  When switching e-juice it's always a good idea to wash your tank before switching. Ingredients in  the old liquid left in the tank can start to burn if left there too long and completely ruin the taste of any flavour from then on.. This can be fixed by thoroughly cleaning your tank. The easiest ways to do this are taking it apart and washing the parts individually with water and tools like a cotton swab and a tooth brush to clean the many small parts in a vape tank. Some vapes may have coils that can be damaged with water so you may want to use a high grain alcohol instead. There are other methods of washing to including using vinegar, baking soda and ethanol to clean your tank's parts. The tank also contains a coil that depending on your vaping habits should usually be changed every 2-4 weeks but if you find that no matter how hard you clean it the taste is still ruined it may just be time to get a new tank.

Vape Maintenance Tips - Mouthpiece

Something you put your mouth on should probably be cleaned. If you care for your hygiene then make sure to wash your mouthpiece before use. While it's your vape and a lot of the dirt will likely have come from your mouth but it's unlikely that you have your vape in your mouth all the time.  While it's not in your mouth harmful bacteria can be building up on the mouthpiece without your noticing and mould loves moist dark spots. At least once in a while it's definitely a good idea to thoroughly rinse your mouthpiece and wash it with some soap. Don't forget to slap a condom (sanitary cover) on it when not in use.

Vape Maintenance Tips - Box mod maintenance

Most box mods have built in batteries making them a lot easier to clean. Vape mods aren't perfect and spilling is common and vape juice being heated at high temperatures with small metal parts can deal some damage potentially corroding your mod's parts. One of the most important places to clean in a box mod is the 510 connection. The best way to clean this is to use a cotton swab or piece of paper towel to clear out any leftover juice or debris.

 Vapes can be very delicate devices. it is important to take good care of your vape so that it can take good care of you.

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