Vape Review of Brewell Vapory E-Liquids from California

Brewell Vapory from California sets the bar in the e-liquid industry by making the highest quality products they can make, from the labeling to their safety standard and unique flavors. They pride themselves in taking extraordinarily great care when making their products and sometimes spend months testing each flavor that they craft to assure vapers are getting the best vaping experience the industry can give. They are not about creating quantity over quality and test each flavor with love and care.

Flavors of Brewell Vapory E-Liquids from California

  • Mylk Banana

o    A creamy, extravagant twist on a refreshing banana split in a delicious milkshake.

  • Mylk Strawberry

o    A sweet ripe strawberry, enhanced by the creaminess of condensed milk that combines to make a true tasting strawberry shake that will make a lasting impression.

Pros of Brewell Vapory E-Liquids from California

  • Each liquid is crafted and tested extensively to ensure the best quality product that Brewell Company can make.
  • Features only the purest ingredients in the U.S. being a 100% authentic made in the U.S.A. taste.
  • 70/30 VG/PG ratio that makes big clouds for those cloud chasers out there but does not sacrifice flavor for vapor production.
  • Comes in up to 12 mg of nicotine which is satisfying to those who need a nicotine fix.
  • Comes in 30mL glass bottles with a dropper and a childproof cap for safety reasons.

Cons of Brewell Vapory E-Liquids from California

  • There are only two products on the MYLK line from Brewell which doesn’t give you much of choice in what you are vaping.
  • The Mylk line has gotten bad and good reviews because both the flavors are unique, somewhat a little too unique.
  • There isn’t much known about the MYLK line just because it isn’t as popular as some of the other Brewell Vapory e-Liquids.

In conclusion, I would shy away from the MYLK line from Brewell Vapory and try something more known and has a more positive reputation. Brewell Vapory makes tons of different e-liquids that are of better quality than just their MYLK line.

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