Vape Review of Mosaic E-Liquids

El Unicornio by Mosaic Liquids is the #1 best seller that Mosaic makes. It has the flavor of juicy, ripe strawberries with a rich cream and notes of custard. An accurate description of the character is what had to say, “topped off with a touch of whip cream and crumbles of graham cracker bringing out the perfect balance of sweet and savory.” It is 80% VG, so you’re sure to ne satisfied with their excellent flavors!

They have three different e-liquid flavors

  • El Unicorio
  • Checkmate – Has notes of toasted almonds and coconut with a light vanilla and bourbon taste. 80% VG and comes in 30mL bottles and the nicotine is anywhere from 0-6mg.
  • Paul Bunyan – A blend as robust and smooth as it’s name hints. It has deep, solid graham cracker and nuts that give way to banana undertones. It also has notes of custard and cream to finish the experience off. Christina Ornellas said in her interview that Paul Bunyan is “One of the best flavored, I’m ordering again soon” and gave it a 5-star review.

Pros to buying Mosaic E-Liquids

  • Low nicotine (0-6 mg) which is perfect for those just starting out and those that don't want to get an intense throat hit.
  • Elaborate, exquisite profiles of dessert flavored e-Liquids done right.
  • It comes with a dropper which minimizes the mess.
  • Sweet but not too sweet flavors.
  • Complex flavors that even the most experienced vaper would fall in love with.
  • $16.00 per 30mL bottle so not only is it a great vaping experience but it’s also more than worth it and will sustain you for a good while.

Cons to buying Mosaic Liquids

  • The low nicotine strength may not be enough for seasoned veteran vapers and may scare them away from trying the brand.
  • Vapers that do not like dessert flavors would not like the different e-Liquids
  • 30mL bottles are not always enough to last someone who is going through 6mg of nicotine; the more seasoned vapers would most likely shy away because they would use it up too easily.
  • Sometimes the taste profiles are hard to taste because they are so elaborate.

Overall this vape company makes some amazing e-Liquids. They hand-craft each batch to ensure you only get the finest e-Liquid. You can bet your taste buds and pockets will be happy after trying any of these flavors. Mosaic E-Liquids only use the best ingredients in their products. Their quality is unparalleled to most e-Liquids because of the quality and flavors so remember to pick you up some in the future. 

El Unicornio is one of my favorite All Day Vapes, and I can see the others following right behind being an ADV for me. I can appreciate the subtle notes this company uses in its e-Liquids, and they are by far some of the best e-Liquids out there, especially dessert e-Liquids. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection, which is what you get when you vape Mosaic Liquids! Try them; you won’t be disappointed.

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