Vape Review of Mythic Haze e-liquid

Mythic Haze Vaping was founded in 2014 by CJ Lewis from Cerritos, CA. The company has expanded since their first year as a business. They only use the best ingredients that can be bought so that their customers are not only satisfied but also know that they are passionate about the products they make for their clients. They make premium quality e-Liquid sourced only from the USA. They make five different delectable, decadent e-Liquids: Perdix Pear, Apollo, Aphrodite, Olympus Berry, and Electra.

Mythic Haze e-liquid Flavors

  • Perdix Pear

o    A delicious, juicy mixture of fresh pear mixed with undertones of cinnamon and sugar cookies. It comes in up to 12mg of nicotine and 120mL bottles. The price varies anywhere from $24.00 to $80.00 depending on which size of e-Liquid you buy.

  • Apollo

o    This e-Liquid is everything that a banana flavored e-Liquid should be. It tastes of ripe bananas on the inhale and a creamy, warm cake finish on the exhale. With every puff, this e-Liquid gets better. Like Perdix Pear, it comes in up to 12mg of nicotine and in glass bottles with a dropper and childproof container that contains anywhere from 30mL to 120mL. Slightly on the expensive side but most definitely worth it for this kind of luscious vaping experience.

  • Olympus Berry

o    Is the king of all other berry e-Liquids out there. Unsurpassed in quality, it blends the sweet and tartness of juicy ripened strawberries with a light and welcomed fresh citrus twist. Its taste has been described as a lovely, refreshing strawberry lemonade.

  • Aphrodite

o    A quality combination of sweet blueberries and silky smooth cream, this liquid is a great addition to any All-Day Vape rotation. Has been described as a blueberry muffin tasting dessert vape.

  • Electra

o    A fusion of fresh and fruity flavors of fresh kiwis & fresh, ripe peaches. It will keep you coming back for more every time you vape it. It’s a must have for all fruit e-Liquid lovers in their rotation. Most definitely an e-Liquid you can enjoy every time you inhale.

Pros of Mythic Haze e-liquid

  • A line of amazing fruit and dessert flavors that stand out in the vaping market as one of the best lines out there right now.
  • Quality product from the label to the flavors, you can tell how much love and care was put into each carefully crafted e-Liquid.
  • Has a childproof cap, so you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting into your e-Liquid in a glass bottle that protects your e-Liquid from harmful, taste-changing UV rays.
  • Comes in both 30mL and 120mL and has up to 12mg of nicotine in each e-Liquid.

Cons of Mythic Haze e-liquid

  • Mythic Haze e-Liquids are quite expensive, going from anywhere from $24.00 to a hefty $80.00.
  • Is a medium strength vape which is excellent for beginners and moderate vapers but a little less nicotine hit than most nicotine dependent vapers need.
  • Only has five e-Liquids in their line-up.


Mythic Haze e-liquid is top-of-the-line quality, and it is evident how much the crafters at Mythic adore their jobs and making the highest quality product possible. Although the prices are pretty high, I’ll leave you to decide if they are worth paying as much as they are marketed for. I would recommend trying all of these flavors at least once.

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