Vape SEO, Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Online Vape Shops

Vape SEO, Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Online Vape Shops

With the ban on tobacco products on both Facebook and Google AdWords, entrepreneurs have to get more advanced tricks of getting traffic to their websites. Traditionally, getting your business online wasn’t that much of hustle. It is no secret that failing to take your business online is a sure way of failing. But with the ban on tobacco products on major advertising platforms, how do you ensure you get the desired traffic to your online vape shops initiates meaningful sales? Read on to find out more.

It is conventionally agreeable that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as cigarettes. But even then, most of the e-cigarettes smokers smoke ones and never do it again. This is probably because of lack of a steady supply given the many restrictions put in place by major advertisement platforms. You will wonder why most of the platforms that advertise alcohol refuse to do same for the e-cigarettes, and instead, want to view them just like any other type of cigarettes.

To be sincere, it is not an easy task to take your online vape shopping online without being a little bit more creative. Below are some of the proven tricks that will help you see an upsurge in the total traffic to your online vape shop.

Original content helps Vape SEO

Many online users will agree that getting an original piece online is a hard task these days. It is as if every piece of content that is published online is a duplicate of another content. As a dedicated marketer, you can use this loophole to take your vape content online and attract considerable traffic.

Doing in-depth research on a topic before writing an article is a sure way of getting your vape shop’s websites on the top of Google’s page one. This is because, Google has its own way of identifying new and unique content, and thus ranking it easily.

Target specific niches

With all the hate against e-cigarettes that exists in the world, it is highly likely that your vape shop’s website has a very low domain authority. One of the reasons why a site will remain low in authority is targeting general topics that users don’t usually pay much attention to. At the back of your mind, you need to know that you are alone without the help of major advertisement platforms. This should inform you that your website is the best chance you have of getting your vape shop to make major sales.

To be safe, ensure that the articles you write target narrow niches which are not targeted by other websites. This in a way helps you reduce competition from other sellers of the same products as you. Remember that most online users are looking for a website that provides solutions to their problems. And if your site can fully satisfy the needs of the users, then you have a real chance of getting high traffic.

Apart from targeting specific niches when writing articles, you need to ensure that your articles have answers to the many questions asked b users of e-cigarettes. Many of the users of these products come online to find answers to things relating to the products. As an owner of a vape shop, you need to focus on writing articles that answer these questions. This way, you can rest assured of quality traffic visiting your website.

Capture Leads

Studies show that most people visiting websites don’t make a purchase instantly. This is perhaps they aren’t in need of the product you are selling at that time. But this does not mean they will never need that product. As a vape seller, you need to have a way of capturing their details so that you can market the product to them long after they have left your website.

The easiest way of capturing the details of your website visitors is by building a mailing list. There various ways through which you can build a strong mailing list that can help you in conversion. Examples include the use of MailChimp, use of a plugin and many others.

Even with this in place, there is no guarantee that visitors will subscribe to the email list. So what do you need to do to capture their information? To get people to subscribe, you need to give incentives such as a single-use coupon, giveaways, content upgrade and many others.

Create social media platforms

As we already saw earlier on, most social media platforms have banned the advertisement of vape shops. But even then, you can be wise enough to start a funnel through which you can tap into the huge traffic that these platforms enjoy. With a Facebook page, you can attract many users of the platform to your website.

Target local SEO

If you haven’t noticed, many website owners have the wrong belief that their sites are only supposed to target the international markets. They forget that the major target is clients, and if you can get them locally, why not utilize them? Local SEO involves creating business directories and guiding people to where your shop is situated. This way, your vape shop can benefit from those people who love e-cigarettes within your locality.

List your vape shop in local business directories

While most of the e-cigarette users are online users, listing your business in the local directories can be a boost to your sales. This is because there are those who live in the neighborhood and would wish to get their product locally. Also, listing your business in the local business directories will help boost your SEO strategies thus get you more traffic.

Utilize the structured data feature

Google has put in place a feature that not so many know about. Structured data can help boost your strategy of getting increased traffic by telling the google bots the kind of information that your web pages contain. This makes the pages easily visible to searchers.

In conclusion, there are many other ways through which you can get your online vape shops to sell more than your competitors. This is despite the fact that vape products have been banned on major advertising platforms.

Vape SEO, Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Online Vape Shops

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