Vapers Tongue Cure Revealed

How to overcome E-Juice Fatigue or “Vaper’s Tongue”? Vapers Tongue Cure Revealed

Have you ever noticed that your favourite e-liquid flavours begin to lose their original taste? Well, this is something known as a “vaper’s tongue” in vape parlance and below, we will tell you about vapers tongue cure. It is a condition where your senses become less acute and is primarily caused by excessive vaping. A “vaper’s tongue” is a common condition in new and experienced vapers, and is especially prominent in former smokers. Don’t worry, a “vaper’s tongue” is not a medical condition, it is simply when your senses become fatigue and are less active in picking up flavours and smells. A “vaper’s tongue” can be especially annoying when you are in the midst of vaping your favourite e-liquid. To help you to overcome this condition, we have put together a few tips that you can use to ensure that your favourite e-liquid tastes like it should and that your senses are on high alert!

It should be noted that a “vaper’s tongue” is not as ominous as it sounds. It is not an actual physical problem with your tongue or taste buds so vape assured. Your tongue can only pick up five sense – sour, sweet, salty, bitter and savory. Your olfactory sensors at the top of your nasal passage allow your brain to pick up and translate different flavours. So when you find yourself unable to taste your e-liquid flavours, there is an issue related with your olfactory senses rather than your tongue. This observation may render the expression “vaper’s tongue” politically incorrect and a more correct expression would be “flavour fatigue” or “vapour’s exhaustion”. “vaper’s tongue” sounds better, however. There are several factors that can cause this loss of flavour from your e-liquid and below are a few things you could do to recover your flavours.

What causes a “vaper’s tongue”?

When tasting different e-liquids during our production stage, we have noticed that it becomes increasingly difficult to detect flavours after vaping for an extended period of time. Before we jump into discussing things you can do to avert a “vaper’s tongue”, let’s quickly run over a few things that are the most common reasons for flavour exhaustion.

Quitting Smoking

As we have outlined previously, smoking dulls your sense of smell and taste. This will have a direct effect on your vaping experience, especially flavour perception. After several weeks of not smoking, your senses should return to normal and you should be able to taste different e-liquid flavours in your vape. As your senses improve, it is common for your olfactory function to overload, which can cause it to shut down or become confused. This can lead to a “vaper’s tongue”.


The process of vaping uses moisture from your mouth and throat, which can cause you to feel dehydrated. If too much moisture is removed from your mouth, this can cause a thin film to develop on your tongue and nasal passage, which can in turn affect your sense of taste and cause the much dreaded flavour fatigue or “vaper’s tongue”.

Same E-Liquid Flavour

If you are vaping one flavour for long periods of time, your olfactory sensors can become desensitised and less receptive to new flavours. For example, if you enjoy yoghurt flavoured e-liquid, and vape it day in and day out, you may find that the taste will only get weaker. You may look for problems in the e-liquid or your device but the cause may be closer than you think.

Cold and Flu

Problems with your sinuses and nasal passages can impair your sense of smell and prevent your olfactory sensors from picking up flavours from your e-liquid.

Who knows?

For all you know, you may experience a flavour fatigue or a “vaper’s tongue” for no explicable reason.

What can you do to avert a “vaper’s tongue”?

Now that you are familiar with the “vaper’s tongue” and its causes, we now turn to the things you can do to prevent it. Firstly, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids as dehydration is the most common reason for losing your sense of flavour. Secondly, try to expand your e-liquid variety. Do not hold on to one flavour that you enjoy. Try to alternate between different e-liquid flavours depending on your feelings and preferences.

Beside the obvious things, here are a few other things you can do to keep a “vaper’s tongue” at bay.

Shock your Senses

You can revive your taste and clean your flavour palette by vaping storng e-liquid such as mint.

Brush your Teeth

Brushing your teeth can help to remove build up from your tongue, which can revive your senses and allow you to pick up e-liquid flavours once again.

Give your mouth a rinse

Given that a “vaper’s tongue” is cause by your olfactory sense, rinsing your mouth with minty mouth wash can help to revive your senses.

Sniff some ground coffee

This is a trick that is commonly used by wine taster and perfume experts and helps the olfactory sensors to reset, if you will.

Come back to your least favourite e-liquid

As your sense of taste is reduced, why waster your favourite e-liquid if you cannot taste it? You can revisit your least popular e-liquid flavours sitting on your shelf. This may help to restore your senses and you can switch back to your favourite e-liquid.

Have you steeped your e-liquid?

Most e-liquid needs about three to four weeks of steeping. The process of steeping, give e-juice a deep, full-bodied and rich flavour. If your e-liquid is from the United States, then it will have probably steeped in the post. Whereas, if you have bought your e-liquid from within the UK, it may or may not have steeped.

Vapers Tongue Cure - We are all bound to get it some time!

Every vaper is bound to experience a “vaper’s tongue” sooner or later and it is completely normal and nothing to worry about. The good news is that a “vaper’s tongue” has a short life and can last between one and two hours. If you give it some time and employ some of the tips mentioned above, you should be able to taste your favourite e-liquid flavours.

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