Vaping Etiquette: The Unspoken Rules Every Vaper Should Know

Vaping Etiquette: The Unspoken Rules Every Vaper Should Know

Human existence demands we live by a certain code and therefore all of our interactions demand we go by what is expected and accepted within a particular circumstance. Why should vaping be any different? Vaping is relatively new and therefore it’s deemed imperative that etiquette that helps promote and protect vapers is adhered. People fear that which they which they do not know, in a general sense some still believe vaping is as good as smoking and are therefore not keen to be surrounded by clouds of vapour. As vapers these are some things that you may take for granted as you have more knowledge than the common Joe who isn’t in the know about vaping so it’s important to remember this. In the hopes of lending greater acceptance to vaping we will go through some rules of engagement when in public or private.

Why is vaping etiquette important?

Our society has been programmed to fear anything that is smoked as it usually has negative effects on the user or those around them.  Some people who aren’t in the vaping community believe that this is a fancy new cigarette that’s been packaged differently but that’s likely to cause them harm, this is not withstanding studies that have shown that vapor is safe. Not everyone is aware of this and it’s therefore important to vape in a way that eases their mind and also educates them. World over legislation is slowly being created to regulate vaping but many countries are still lagging behind so many vapers may not necessarily be as courteous about their vaping as they should be. It’s a particularly tricky time in terms of how lenient regulations will be and it’s important to not drive fear at the heart of society before they have a chance to embrace vaping as non harmless vice. To this end let’s now discuss a few etiquette that will preserve the vaping community and maybe bring a few more members into it.

Puff, puff don’t pass: Where can one vape?

Usually vapers either vape in public or within the privacy of their own home. Vaping in public demands a great deal of awareness and respect for those around you. As in most places vaping is not specifically but with the knowledge that some do take offense and are weary of second hand vaping it is always a good rule of thumb to either ask those around you for their permission or to move slightly away from them and then vape. Some restaurants or bars specifically do not permit smoking but they do not necessarily include vaping so it’s always important to try find out beforehand if it will be okay to vape inside and if in doubt just step outside for a bit. Basically if they are people around take care to involve them, ask their permission and if they find no problem with vaping share some knowledge about your vice and dispel any fears.

Usually people may smoke in their cars but this however in recent times has been banned for example in the UK for example, so be aware of this. Vaping usually leads to a lot of misting so it may not be safe to vape in an enclosed car because it will severely reduce visibility. Take care and crack a window open. Share this information with any vapers in the car as well. Another thing to be aware of is that if your vape high vg e-juice, this may leave a residue on the window which would also impair visibility so it’s recommended to stick to a PG-based e-juice and always have a window open. Public enclosed places such as cinemas or on public transport are a definite no no – it would be near impossible to get everyone’s approval and highly unlikely in any event, best to just hold off.

Just like with cigarettes do not children and pets to vapour. It’s a matter of not promoting “bad habits” but also trying to safeguard them. Store your vaping kits out of reach of children as they are flammable and could harm them. Some people vape with nicotine and this is also dangerous is a child ingests it. Another group of people to be wary of are smokers – do not take it for granted that they are amenable to vaping. Do ask them if you can vape around them and again use this time to share your notes about vaping, take care not to sound condescending.

Vape in Peace

So we have gone in depth about all the places you cannot freely vape so it’s only fair to look at those places where you can be free to vape in peace without infringing on vaping etiquette! Enjoy vaping in the comfort of your own home with no worries of lingering smells or staining. Drag on your vape to your heart’s content. But just in case you have house guests over just warn them and let them know they have nothing to worry about from second hand vapour. Generally your house your rules but always be courteous and aware of your guests feelings as any host should ordinarily be.

In conclusion vaping etiquette is very important to the preservation and minimal regulation of the vaping community. Be respectful, educative and aware of your surroundings. Allow people to become aware of the fact that vaping will not harm them and that vapers and non-vapers can coexist peacefully. In the long run what reads as a long list of don’ts could one day become mostly irrelevant as more and more people embrace vaping. It boils down to manners and a little respect will definitely go a long way. Enjoy your vaping and also allow others to enjoy their surroundings equally as much. This should become instinctive in no time. Lets grow our vaping community on courtesy and mutual respect.

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