What does TPD E-Liquid Testing UK involve?

What does TPD E-Liquid Testing UK involve?

What does TPD E-Liquid Testing UK involve? In the UK the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) greatly restricts vapers with both the tanks they can use and today's topic the stuff inside of our e-liquids. E-liquids as of the TPD coming in to play will need to have their emissions tested which has had both positives and negatives. It is important to be aware that only e-liquids containing nicotine will be tested, so those of you on nicotine free will not be affected much by the TPD. The big question that comes into play however is: Just how much does the government understand exactly what it is they are trying to do?

With the TPD coming into effect all e-liquid now has to go through emissions testing. In theory this is not bad in the slightest. The testing of e-liquids means that businesses will now have to know and tell buyers exactly what chemicals they will be getting inside of their vape. While adding of this information does add quite a bit to the packaging it is quite good information to learn about. The emissions test may remove some flavours however as chemicals that the government has deemed as unsafe in heated or unheated forms are being restricted. With a close look the emissions testing for the most part will be something that the businesses will need to work with that will likely lead to packaging changes.

The TPD does not go into detail about one particular part of e-liquid testing however and that is DIY or do it yourself e-liquid. As far as concentrates are concerned they will also have to be made TPD compliant. Again testing is only greatly an influence if the e-liquid contains nicotine so not all products will be affected. If what you are after is nicotine, your best option is to stock up as much as you can before the grace period runs out. DIY e-liquid will take a pretty strong hit but so long as you are not selling TPD non-compliant e-liquid or putting illegal and/or dangerous substances into your e-liquid you should not be affected that harshly.

With the TPD being put into place, exactly how much does the government understand vapers? Are they enacting the TPD to keep vapers safe? Put more tax money into their pockets? The TPD has very heavy restrictions on the advertising, perhaps they are even trying to get people to stop or never get into vaping? It is not exactly clear what the government wants but the TPD will definitely have lasting effects. As previously mentioned the TPD enforces an emissions testing which will lead to a change in packaging. The problem that occurs is, are there even restrictions on the packaging? The TPD itself is quite unspecific on the matter simply saying that the packaging resembles a food or cosmetic product. This is very unspecific and a rather questionable description as many food products are boxes with images of food on them. Does this restrict the packaging of e-cigarette products to show such things on their packaging? Can a fruit flavoured e-liquid even have a fruit on its packaging? The restrictions like these leave one to wonder if the government realises how odd their TPD regulations are and how they will be enforced.

Though these new laws benefit those who wish to know the contents of their e-liquids and ingredients the methods the government is using to enforce these laws seem ridiculous. Thought these laws are said to be implemented for safety some of them are just designed to make vaping harder for normal citizens. Many of these laws being enforced by under qualified people are a step towards erasing vaping from communities by slowly making it harder and harder to get your hands on supplies. They are doing everything they can from making you pay more for packaging to placing restrictions on the size of e-liquids you can get and placing restrictions on ingredients that can be allowed into the country. Remember if you want to know more about these laws you may want to call a lawyer or a local representative to better explain what exactly they will do for you and for vaping. Remember to have fun and stay safe. Please feel free to share your views about TPD E-Liquid Testing UK. 

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