What to expect... when taking CBD.

What to Expect...

From our taste buds to our height, we are almost all comprised of different ‘stats’ that make us all our own unique individual.  And everyone reacts differently with everything they consume. You are truly a product of your environment, and when you really stop and think, we each have traveled a unique path or set of experiences, to get where we are today.

CBD is no different. People are going to react differently with CBD and they just have to find out what works for them over time. But that should not be discouraging. Trying CBD products is fun. You are getting relief and finally feeling normal as you explore the wonderful world of CBD.

There are CBD edibles like gummies and chocolate. There are CBD drinks like coffee and tea bags. There are varieties of CBD Vapes from flavored to naturally occurring plant terpenes. There is even an option to smoke multiple strains of CBD Hemp Flower. All having very specific effects, flavor profiles, and scents.

The reaction someone gets from CBD may differ from the effects someone else may get. It can be mental or physical. I like to explain it like it’s not so much as a feeling we get, but what we’re not feeling.  A lot of us don’t know what it is like to feel normal, never have. So when one finally gets relief, it feels good.

You also have the “It is not psychoactive” concept. Anything that alters the significant effect on the mental process can be considered psychoactive. Although you are not getting ‘high’ you are getting relief therefore it is altering your state of mind because you feel better. You’re more relaxed. You’re less anxious. Those small nagging issues drop below the level of consciousness as your mind is flooded with relaxation and calmness. Feeling better will come in different forms for each of us - It can be anxiety relief, pain relief, relaxation, focus, impulse control, less frequent seizures, fibromyalgia relief, headache and migraine relief, etc.

The most common thing you hear is someone feeling better from taking CBD, whatever that is. And that is why CBD is so wonderful. One plant can range extraordinarily between different ailments whether mental or physical. Pharmaceutical companies would probably have you taking numerous meds to pacify any number of conditions you have. When CBD helps with it ALL. Not to mention all the horrible side effects (and the long term effects that we are not aware of, and the meds to get rid of those).

CBD is even known as an antifungal and antibacterial! The benefits are countless as people are more comfortable with expressing their personal CBD stories. We are learning everyday from one another, and if it weren’t for us conducting experiments on ourselves, we would still be consuming our own weight in Big Pharma’s products

Taking CBD consistently gives you amazing relief. Almost to the point where you forget you were even sick.  But, don’t forget your CBD! You will start to feel a difference without it around 18 hours. Just like any medication, it takes time to come out of your system. Some meds take 3 days, some 5, and others take 6 weeks!

CBD does occur naturally in the body. BUT, we do not produce enough of it on our own. That is why there are thousands of Hemp and Marijuana farms across the globe that are providing us with enough plants to save the world (wishfully thinking). More people are growing at their homes, and even extracting CBD and producing their own tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Most of these products started off in someone’s kitchen. 

CBD and other Cannabinoids look to be providing very encouraging results early on in labs across the globe. They are helping reduce and suppress effects of diseases on humans and vertebrates alike. Just like the budding hemp and CBD industry is growing out of its infantile stage and maturing, the research sector is still playing catch up to what a lot of us ‘homegrown’ believers already have known and suspected.

So until there is a cure for any of these diseases, continue to take your CBD. Try different products until you get the exact relief you were looking for. What your neighbor was using might not be what is going to work for you, and then again, it could be!

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