What’s CBD Isolate? Your User’s Guide

What does CBD isolate, CBD crystals and CBD crystalline have in common?

They’re all different names for the same thing.

CBD isolate is a relatively new concentrate. Commonly referred to as both CBD crystals and CBD crystalline for its refined, powdery state, it’s only now just gaining traction.

Comprised of up to 99 percent pure CBD, CBD isolate is great for easily adding a little CBD pep in your step.

Continue with us as we dive into what CBD isolate is, how to use CBD isolate and how to make CBD isolate at home.

What is CBD Isolate?

Scientifically speaking, CBD is a crystalline concentrate derived from hemp or high CBD strains. It contains up to 99 percent CBD.

Through a series of extraction and refinement processes, manufacturers transform a flower into this easy to use and versatile CBD concentrate.

CBD Crystals’ Physical Appearance and Effects

Aptly named, CBD isolate is CBD in its isolated form – without any of the fats, waxes, resins or other cannabinoids that the plant usually has.

Since everything else is removed from the plant to produce CBD isolate, the isolate takes on a white and powdery appearance.

Tasteless, odourless and extremely concentrated. It’s the perfect concentrate if discretion is a priority!

How Does CBD Isolate Compare to Others

Since CBD isolate is just CBD and nothing else, the concentrate lacks the terpenes, flavonoids and oils that other CBD concentrates enjoy.

This is beneficial for many of those who only want CBD and nothing else. Users interested in the entourage effect or the benefits of full-spectrum CBD will have to opt for other concentrates.

Why People Use It: The Benefits of CBD Isolate 

The most prominent benefits of CBD isolate are perhaps its ease of access and versatility. Due to its highly refined nature, 10mg of CBD isolate will most often equate to 10mg of CBD. 

That means there’s no need to carefully divide CBD gummies or gauge droppers for a proper dosage – just measure out how much CBD you want and ingest the same amount of CBD isolate!

CBD isolate is an easy and discreet method to administer a dose of CBD that best fits your lifestyle.

So, are you a cannabis connoisseur or a novice to the community?  Either way, you’ll be able to be used cannabis in a myriad of methods. From dabbing CBD isolate to cooking with it, there’s a method of consumption that can fit everyone’s needs.

How to Make CBD Isolate? 

Due to its relatively new status, high-quality CBD isolate can still be fairly difficult to properly source. However, the process to make CBD isolate at home is relatively simple and only requires some easily available chemistry equipment and some basic scientific knowhow.

The process is as follows:

1. Source hemp or high CBD flower strains

2. Decarboxylate hemp/flower

3. Extract CBD oil

4. Refine (winterize) CBD oil

5. Distill CBD oil to create CBD distillate

6. Crystallize CBD isolate

You’ll be dealing with chemical solvents and other fire hazards. So, securing a safe, well-equipped and well-ventilated workspace is of the utmost importance.

Ensure that your workspace has proper airflow to prevent the build-up of dangerous fumes and that your work surface is clutter-free.

Further, insulate yourself against chemical spills and burns by always wearing your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Safety gloves, goggles, and a shop apron are highly recommended.

We also have a more thorough instruction guide on materials, equipment and explanation of each step of the production process. Be sure to check out our full guide!

How Do I Use CBD Isolate?

With so many ways to use CBD isolate, it can be difficult to know where to begin. How would one go about eating CBD isolate? What about smoking it?

The 5 most common methods of consuming CBD isolate are through:

  • Smoking (joints, bongs): As with kief, simply take your CBD isolate and sprinkle it along the length of your joint before rolling it up or mixed into your bowl before ripping your bong!
  • Vaping (flower): Same principle as joints and bongs – pack your bowl and mix in a pinch of CBD isolate before closing the chamber.
  • CBD e-juice (e-cigarettes): Since it’s so refined, CBD isolate can be easily mixed in with your favourite e-juice – you can even use it to make your own from scratch.
  • Dabbing (dabbing rig or dab pen): Easily dissolved in with your shatter, wax, or cannabis concentrate of choice, CBD isolate is great for adding a CBD kick. It can also be dabbed by itself as is – just be sure to not suck it up.
  • Eating (as is or mixed with food): Able to be administered sublingually beneath the tongue, CBD will dissolve and enter your system within 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also cook with CBD isolate and include it in your favourite dishes.

These are just some of the ways you can use CBD isolate in your day-to-day life! For a more detailed and comprehensive explanation, including how to make CBD e-juice and CBD infused oil, check out our “How to use CBD isolate guide” here!

Final Thoughts on CBD Isolate

Initially appearing intimidating, CBD isolate reigns as one of the best and most versatile CBD products available.

Easy to dose and incorporate into your daily life, those looking for a discreet way to dose CBD owe it to themselves to give it a shot!

Purchase your own or make some using our guide and give CBD isolate a try.

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